Rest in Power: Julie Strain (1961-2021); Five Great Movies from the Model and “Queen of the B Movies”

Sadly, yet another cult icon has left us. Julie Strain, on January 10th, the one and only Heavy Metal model died at the young age of 58 after complications from Dementia. Strain went in to star in a hundred movies, and was well known by pop culture fans. With her tall stature, and incredibly sexy good looks, not to mention her enthusiasm for pop culture, Strain was well known for her charisma, bright smile, and affable sense of humor.

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Heavy Trip (hevy reissu) (2018) (DVD)

“Symphonic post-apocalyptic reindeer-grinding Christ-abusing extreme war pagan Fennoscandian metal”

In a year where the inferior “Bohemian Rhapsody” promises to storm awards shows in 2019, “Heavy Trip” is a movie that’s far more deserving of audience attention. Like most of the best music oriented drama comedies, it’s an engaging, and very funny tale of a band with grand aspirations and have to literally fight to break out of their small home town in hopes of making it in the larger world they want to be a part of. “Heavy Trip” is centered on a group of aspiring death metal musicians from Finland, and you’d think a movie with a focus on that music genre would be more niche than anything, but Jukka Vidgren, and Juuso Laatio’s drama comedy is basically for everyone and anyone who has had a dream at one time or another.

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Heavy Trip (Hevi Reissu) (2018)

While “Heavy Trip” may not be what we call horror in the conventional sense, Jukka Vidgren, and Juuso Laatio’s dark comedy musical has a lot of the DNA of a horror movie, right down to satanic worship, blood baths, and plenty of vomit. It’s not often you get to see an underdog tale of a band struggling to make it set to the tune of death metal, but Jukka Vidgren, and Juuso Laatio tap in to a distinct crowd that’s gone woefully overlooked. “Heavy Trip” will definitely stand out in the memory of their audience who are in the mood for something wholly unconventional but surprisingly crowd pleasing.

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Blackhearts (2017)

As Norway prepares for one of its epic black metal festivals, 3 bands prepare to go and play their set there for the first time.  The film follows closely Hector from Columbia (leader of the band Luciferian), Sina from the Middle East where playing black metal is a jailable offense, and Kaiadas and his band mates (band Naer Mataron) through their preparation for the festival and what pushes them to play this type of music.  The film also explores the history of black metal in Norway, including a visit to the Rockheim museum in Trondheim, interviews and moments with members of bands such as Keep of Kalessin, Mayhem, and a few others.  Through seeing the lives of these musicians, what they believe in, and what they want to accomplish, the viewer can get a good idea of what black metal is all about and also learn about its history.

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Underworld: Original Soundtrack (CD)

1. THE DAMNING WELL – Awakening featuring Wes Borland, Richard Patrick, Josh Freese, and Donnie Lohner  2. PUSCIFER – RCV 22:20  featuring Maynard James Keenan, Danny Lohner  3. PAGE HAMILTON – Throwing Punches  4. MILLA – Rocket Collecting  5. REINHOLDER – Now I know  6. DAVID BOWIE – Bring me the disco king (Loner Mix) featuring Maynard James Keenan, and John Frusciante  7. SKINNY PUPPY – Optimissed  8. REINHOLDER – Down in the Lab  9. A PERFECT CIRCLE – Judith (Reinholder Mix)

10. JOHENETTE NAPOLITANO – Suicide Note  11. DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN – Baby’s first coffin  12. TRUST COMPANY – Hover (Quiet Mix)  13. REINHOLDER – Falling through the sky  14. A PERFECT CIRCLE – Weak and Powerless (Tilling my grave Mix)  15. FINCH – Worms of the Earth  16. LISA GERMANO – From a Shell  17. REINHOLDER – Death dealer’s descent  18. THE ICARUS LINE – On the Lash  19. SARAH BETTENS – All of this past

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