The Best Father’s Day Movies

Are you looking for a movie to watch with your father this Father’s Day? In celebration of father’s day this year we’re offering up a list of movies you and your dad can watch to experience the fragile often under estimated relationships between dads and their sons. From the animated, to the dramatic, these are movies we suggest you sit down with the man in your life to view and ponder on the love you share with the old man.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Felix Vasquez Sr.!

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My Dad & The Movies

I’ll just be honest here once and for all, I had nothing growing up. In spite of my parents best efforts to give us everything they could, my brother, sister and I didn’t have much in the way of games or toys, or even luxuries such as the newest sneakers on the block that everyone wanted to own. We didn’t even get a computer until the late nineties, but what we lacked in material possessions we were more than wealthy with parents who would do just about anything to help the summer pass by with as many experiences as possible. Water parks, the zoo, carnivals, block parties, if it was in their power to give it to us, we were more than appreciative to accept it.

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