Our Top Five “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Big Bads


March 10th marked the seventeenth anniversary of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” the cult television series that continues living on through a humongous and devoted fan base that proudly celebrate the series to this day. To mark the occasion, we, also fans of the series, decided to write down five of our favorite “Buffy” villains, and how much they rattled Buffy.

What are some of your favorite Buffy Villains?

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Our Top Ten “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Episodes Of All Time


We’ve grown to love “Buffy” more and more over the years. Our appreciation for Joss Whedon has also grown, as he’s managed to deliver cult series’ that are immortal in spite of their short lived, and often under appreciated shelf lives on television. This October, we’re naming our Top Ten Buffy episodes of all time, and it wasn’t an easy decision. There were some really good episodes we left out of the equation, but in the end we were happy with this definitive list of ten episodes we just love to watch over and over.

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Ten Reasons "Hush" Is the (Second) Best Buffy Episode Ever Made

1. You can tell a story without dialogue – Go in to any movie catalogue and rent a silent film, and the best silent films will tell you that you don’t need dialogue to tell a good story. “Modern Times,” “The Gold Rush,” “Laugh Clown Laugh,” all amazing stories without dialogue. Human expression, body gestures, idiosyncrasies, they can do so much that dialogue can’t. And “Hush” dares to defy the stereotype that “Buffy” is not funny without the clever one-liners, and it succeeds. You do not need to club us over the head with dialogue to let us know what we should feel, and it’s flawless in its delivery.

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Ten Reasons "The Body" Is the Best Buffy Episode Ever Made

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” over the years, but whether or not you enjoy the show, you can’t deny it’s had its fair share of incredible episodes, and memorable moments. Even at its weakest, “Buffy” managed to show its teeth as a remarkable touchstone in genre television, while Joss Whedon was able to explore his ability to finish off popular and important characters. In the end, every move had an importance, and the death of Buffy’s mom Joyce had a particular impact on the life of Buffy and her entire group.

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Ten Reasons Why We Love Seth Green

Seth Green has built up an incredible body of work. Spanning almost four decades, Mr. Green has managed to rise from his start as a child actor, and survived the infamous curse of the child star to carve a career for himself in the mainstream, and cult arena. Seth Green has set foot in every corner of Hollywood imaginable, and he just continues re-inventing himself and taking bold moves with his career. He’s had plenty of flops (ahem–“Without a Paddle”), and many mediocre jobs (“Can’t Hardly Wait”), but Green still comes out ahead in the end. This is due to his personable nature, his humility, his ability to connect with geeks and fanboys eye to eye since he is one, and because he is one of the most daring comedic actors alive today. He takes risks, and when he’s in the zone he can inspire raucous laughter from everyone.

People love Seth Green, and we do too. Whether it’s earning the love of comedy fans in his role as the demented Chris Griffin on “Family Guy,” keeping the love of nineties kids with his role as Wiley in “Airborne,” gaining the attention of action fans in films like “The Italian Job” and “Knockaround Guys,” or earning indie cred in the abysmal “Party Monster,” Seth Green is never afraid to try something new with his career and take a chance on a project. What’s more is he always seems to enjoy doing favors for his close circle of friends adding his credit to their work. Seth Green is a very popular entity who can act, write, and pretty much shill his stuff shamelessly on shows like “The Soup” without coming off pathetic. It’s because he’s so damn funny and likable. Here are ten reasons why we love Seth Green.

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Our Ten Favorite Bad Ass Monster Hunters

Last weekend we were introduced to a hidden era of one of the nation’s finest president when we learned Abraham Lincoln was in fact a vampire hunter in his prime. The film from Timur Bekmambetov has made waves with horror fans and enthusiasts alike and we look forward to seeing where his exploits bring him with his mighty axe in tow. In celebration of the film, we mulled over our ten favorite bad ass monster hunters from pop culture and celebrated the good guys who look out for the little guy against the big bads looming in the darkness.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chosen

Buffy-ChosenSo, after seven years and seven seasons, the hit cult series that redefined horror and action has come to an end. What has seemed like a torturous season for the “Scoobies” has ended. We have seen all the potential slayers, young scared girls from around the world trained by the best, fight the demons and vampires, minions of the darkness, without any experience and many have died, some tragically. We saw a demonic being called “The First” wreak havoc on each of the heroes minds one by one, causing some to question their allegiance, and some to commit brutal acts of violence, we saw, a once evil nemesis become a hero once again as Faith, the rival slayer to Buffy, returned to fight off “the first” and seek redemption for her murders.

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