A Few Shorts from 2021 Edition of Final Girls Film Festival Berlin [Final Girls Film Festival Berlin 2021] 

Final Girls Berlin was doing its thing recently, helping womxn in horror get a wider audience and celebrating creators. This year, a few (or rather many) shorts made their way to eyeballs at Cinema Crazed. Here are a few of the best ones that screened this year. 

Honour Thy Mother  

Directed by Yinghui Fu, this short film is full of what seems to be Catholic guilt, learning to let go, relationship decay, and some very interesting visuals. This short film packs a lot in its 17 minutes run time and it manages to make a lot of good points while not punching viewers in the face with them. It takes a bit to really get into, but once into it, it’s the kind of film that has a ton to offer and doesn’t fully explain itself, which makes it a good film to think on and come back to. 

The Three Men You Meet at Night  

Written and directed by Beck Kitsis, this short is about a young woman trying to get home safe after a night out. She’s on foot and meets a few different men, all wanting to help in their own way. Any women having done that walk home at night knows very well how these situations feel and this short film does a great job of portraying the discomfort and unsafe feeling one can feel walking home alone in the dark. Or even in the light at times. The acting here is strong and the settings feel very real. It’s a successful short film that can show those who don’t know how things can really be at times.

Dark Water  

As she grieves and prepares to make changes, a woman finds hair in odd places and an underwater world in her walls. Owing a lot to Asian horror and body horror, this short is interesting and has some amazing visuals. Written and directed by Erin Coates and Anna Nazzari, this short can be taken as simply a weird collection of beautiful images or as something that is much more than time. The whole film makes connections to the past to the inner-self and a few other things that are left to the viewer’s interpretation. It’s a great one worth seeking out. 

Haute Cuisine 

A woman in a starred chef’s kitchen is trying to make a name for herself to stand-out and possibly gain an important promotion. As she works hard toward this, something unplanned happens and puts her above the others in the potential selections. Now, she must put herself into her work to keep advancing, but at what cost? This one has fantastic acting and the story advances at just the right pace. The last few frames make the whole thing work perfectly and show that a bloated run time is not needed to make an impact on the viewer. 

Coming Out 

Godzilla is a more accepting parent than a lot of people and shows how much they love their child in this stop motion animation about a child coming out as trans. This is a tear-jerker that just work. Directed by Cressa Maeve Beer this short is a lovely watch with an emotional punch that just works on so many level. It’s adorable and uses its powers for good in passing along a great message about acceptance, support, and pride. It’s possibly the best short seen this year.