Super Hot (2021)

I think it is possible that director Taylor King has created one of my favorite indie films of the year. I didn’t entirely know what to expect going in to “Super Hot” but it ends up being such a great horror comedy, despite some small flaws here and there. “Super Hot” has its inspirations close to its chest, combining “Booksmart” with “The Craft” to form this unusual amalgam that works shockingly well.

Jackie (Kandace Kale) quits her pizza delivery job at “Super Hot” to spend the last two weeks of her summer with her best friends Sam (Elijah Cooke) and Kevin (Coleson Berlin) before they leave for college. However when her neighbour Carmen who she has a crush on moves into her sorority, Sheridan House, things become complicated when she finds out Carmen’s housemates are vampires who plan to offer her up as a sacrificial virgin. With the help of the unusual Warren (Nobuaki Shimamoto) a Japanese descendant of Van Helsing, they decide to rescue her before the sacrifice begins.

I had a good time with “Super Hot” and that’s mainly because I understood what Taylor King was intending to do most of the time. It’s clear he was working on a small budget with some limitations so I think the movie could have really shone with a larger, more robust production budget. That said, “Super Hot” is a lot of fun offering some strong performances and an entertaining cast. Kandace Kale is very charming in her starring role, while Elijah Cooke is often very funny. Nobuaki Shimamoto carries the movie though as the descendant to Van Helsing who operates out of his car, and has very little patience, even when battling vampires.

I hope the proposed sequel really allows him to shine in the role. That said, I wish the movie would have leaned more heavily in to the vampire angle. Plus there’s not a ton of character focus, especially on Jackie. I would have loved to learn about motivations and whatnot, and nothing is ever really clarified. Plus, what was the end game for the sorority? If they’re vampires, don’t they already have eternal life? How would they have achieved their goals with their inability to go out during the day? “Super Hot” is a fun, quirky indie horror hybrid and, despite some flaws, it definitely sparks some creative plot twists and charming comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope we can see more of Kale and this world again very soon.