State of the Cinema Crazed 2021 (Corrected)

While 2021 has been a chaotic year, it’s been a big year for Cinema Crazed. In many ways it’s been great, and in many ways it’s been pretty stressful. One of the constant questions I’m asked by people is “Is it hard to start a blog?” I often tell them no. It’s merely just opening a blog and writing about what you want to write about. However the catch is that when you invest an amount of time and dedication to a blog of your own creation, and it begins to become a success, it requires so much more time and a lot more money.

Cinema Crazed started back in 2003 when we operated on free servers, and in 2005, the official domain was put up. As we grew, our need for more memory and web space arose. And with that requirement, came the need for more money.

Late last month, we experienced a sporadic series of shut downs. Our traffic became so heavy that it used up all the sources on our Shared Server account, prompting us to upgrade to a bigger account.

For the first time ever, we were faced with a question. Do we pay more money and keep going, or do we have to shut down once and for all? While we very nearly closed the site, we chose the former and decided to press on as much as we can. Thankfully with the help of friends and close confidants (you know who you are!), we’re going to be buying bigger web space and friends and close allies have stepped up to help alleviate the financial burden. Right now we’re paying out of pocket for the blog and the writers working on the blog are doing so on a voluntary basis at their leisure.

We’re going to be transferring the site to a new server this weekend and we rely mainly on donations and affiliate links to help ease the financial stress.

This is the first time we’ve had to ask our readers, but we need your help.

This blog is a work of love, and devotion, it’s an outlet for the writers, it’s an outlet to help my mental health, it’s a way to express ourselves, and it keeps us thoroughly entertained by expressing our views on film and pop culture, while also being able to connect with and network with other very creative artists, filmmakers, and so on.

If you can take the time, please donate to the site whatever you can so we can cover the costs for the domain host. We won’t be asking all the time, but right now we’d love to get a head start on the financial aspect of the new larger server so we can begin focusing on once again on reviews, articles, and helping the indie film community as much as possible.

Please, anything helps. Our Paypal link is up above, and if you can, please donate to the site and help us keep the blog running as long as we can. OR you can send donations through paypal at the address:

We’ve reviewed so many independent artists in the past, we’ve covered filmmakers, and aspiring filmmakers, and promoted indie films that we’re very passionate about or felt strongly about. And we want to continue that for as long as I am breathing and capable of sitting at my laptop.

Anything you can offer financially (Paypal: will be very welcome. Five bucks, Ten bucks, whatever you can spare, and it’ll go to keeping the server running and, if necessary, increasing the memory to keep the site going as our readership grows more and more every month.

Thank you for all your support, well wishes, and help over the years, it’s not an easy thing for me to ask for help. Thank you  from the bottom of my heart.

Felix Vasquez
Founder, Editor of Cinema Crazed