Aliens, Clowns & Geeks (2019)

Richard Elfman’s “Aliens Clowns & Geeks” is the type of indie zaniness you’ll only find in back room of modern cinema. It’s a fearless, and bizarre mish mash of comedy, satire, science fiction, music, and just about everything else you can find. There are transgender individuals, and evil clowns, and a hero who can fire lasers out of his anus. And that’s really the tip of the iceberg when you manage to soak it all in. And you’ll need a hell of a lot of booze and weed to soak it all in.

Eddy Pine (Bodhi Elfman) is a jaded actor who’s depressed after his television series gets canceled. After a ménage à trios with two buxom blondes (that are actually aliens in disguise), Eddy poops a sizeable dark obelisk from his anus. Even worse, the obelisk is the key to the universe, according to the green aliens and the newly arrived Clown Emperor Beezel-Chugg (Verne Troyer). Both species need to get their hands on the obelisk to rule the universe, and now Eddy must evade a killer clown out to assassinate him.

Richard Elfman is no stranger to making movies that are completely out of the ordinary. He’s the man behind one of my childhood favorites “Shrunken Heads,” and has amassed a rather unique filmography over the years. “Aliens, Clowns & Geeks” is only one of the many oddities from the man who delivers his narrative in a rapid fire pacing and never stops until the credits. He throws so much at the audience that shockingly works more than they don’t, and he utilizes the colorful cast well. There are appearances by George Wendt, and French Stewart, while Verne Troyer and Martin Klebba are fun as the resident villains.

Bodhi Elfman (Son of Richard) steals the show, though, giving a delightfully over the top performance as a man who is anxious to make his mark in LA and gets his wish, ten fold. Elfman sells his performance like his life depends on it (that poop scene must have been a riot to film), and he offers the proper looney tunes-esque attitude that the movie needs. The movie does stumble somewhat in the final twenty minutes, but that doesn’t affect what is mostly a good, bonkers movie with so much bizarre comedy in its corner. I had a very good time with “Aliens, Clowns & Geeks”, it’s a movie that you’ll leave loving, or be absolutely disgusted by it. In either case, you can’t say you didn’t see something that worked outside the box.