Wrong Place, Wrong Time (2021)

When their plan to steal $14B goes sideways, a group of highly trained mercenaries takes refuge in a family house where they encounter something quite unexpected.

Written and directed by Justin Price, this action/horror hybrid comes with a lot of characters, a good amount of blood, and maybe a few too many ideas for its runtime. This leads to the film feeling like two films merged into one while not fully merging them. The start of the film is full on action and the second half takes a sharp turn into horror. This works on some levels, but for those going into this on minimal knowledge, it may be a bit disorienting. That being said, the overall effect of this mixture of genres has worked before and works here too, for the most part.

The cast here is split between the mercenaries and the people they bump into in the house they take over. Franziska Schissler as Sage gives the standout performance here and, honestly, a few hours after watching the film, she is the ones that remains on the mind. The cast who play the beings they come into contact work great here too with some fantastic work from being prosthetics. They make more of an impression than the majority of the mercenaries do and it’s not just because of the effects applied to them.

These effects and prosthetics come courtesy of Joe Castro who is fairly well-known in horror circles as a man who can do a lot with a budget on the smaller side and he proves it here. The lead being has a great look and works fantastically well on camera. This is not only a question of performance, which is of course very important, but also due to the quality of the practical effects. When in doubt, practical effects are usually a win.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time has some fairly tense scenes and some great special effects. It’s a fairly fun watch, but it doesn’t reinvent the wheel of what it takes on. It’s the kind of film that can be enjoyed while relaxing and not worried about too much.