The Mortuary Collection (2020)

A young woman is interviewing for a job at a mortuary and part of her interview is for the mortician to tell her a series of creepy stories.

Written and directed by Ryan Spindell, this anthology does what is really important to make this type of film interesting and good which is to have a coherent look, feel, and quality throughout. The film has a few of its tales feel a bit uneven with the others, but overall, these tales are creepy and they work. They run the gamut from bizarre to old school horror and everything in between. The stories all have their own interest and they will work for most people. Of course, come will work better than others, but overall, the stories are fun and just the right amount of spooky to make the film a very easy watch and perhaps a perfect watch for a dark, stormy Halloween night.

Now, for the most awesome part of this film: Clancy Brown! There is basically no part this man can take that wouldn’t be automatically better by having him take it. Here he plays the central character, the storyteller, the mortician and he’s amazing at it. Seriously (as fangirl as it sounds) this movie is all about him telling stories and that’s the best part of all. He makes the film what it is, connects all the stories and gives this creepy mortician a life. The rest of the cast is good to great as well, but he’s the one that attracts the attention and keeps it. He’s amazing as his usual.

Another great aspect to The Mortuary Collection is the look of it all. The film looks like it had a large budget and it knew what to do with it. The quality of images is really great and the cinematography by Caleb Heymann and Elie Smolkin is on point. It’s the kind of cinematography that all horror films should be lucky to have. Of course, it’s not fitting for all horror film, but here it is and it makes a very big impact. Also to be mentioned is the lighting work for most of the film, there is one sequence where the lighting makes it look like it was shot against green screen without a full understanding of lighting and thus the lights seen on the screen and the actual light source of the lights hitting the character do not match. That being said, that’s one sequences sticking out and all the others being great so it’s easy to forget that little bit of an error there.

Overall, The Mortuary Collection comes at a great time with Halloween right around the corner and it’s perfect for a great night of light spooks with a nice creepy edge. It’s a fun watch, it’s one that will be easy to repeat once a year for the season.

The Mortuary Collection is currently available exclusively on Shudder.