In Action (2019)

How do you deliver an action comedy filled with gun fights and car chases on a 30K budget? You be as clever as humanly possible, and add in a bit of suspension of disbelief. “In Action” is a shockingly clever action comedy that takes a unique premise and puts it on film, come hell or high water. Working simultaneously as a proof of concept, directors Eric Silvera, Sean Kenealy, and Jon Warren’s bring to life a premise with potential to be pretty damn good, and they do whatever they can to bring their concepts to life.

Sean and Eric are just two bumbling struggling screenwriters working on the “next big action flick.” Much to their surprise, they’re utterly oblivious to the shit storm that awaits when the government intercepts their script, believing it to be a veritable terrorist plot. Horrified and taken hostage, the pair has to talk their way out of their extraordinary circumstances and fight to make it out alive.

The budget for “In Action” is obviously very low, but that only adds to the charm, as the directors have to figure out different ways to bring this narrative to life with so little resources. The movie pretty much stars only Eric Silvera and Sean Kenealy, as they brain storm a new script, and then pay dearly when their script ends up being too good. The pair has a great chemistry and enthusiasm on screen, even if the rapid fire back and forth dialogue can be distracting in some instances. A lot of the time the team manages to concoct some really fun methods of unfolding the story, while other times it can get a bit too silly, even for a comedy.

I think the animated cutaways and storyboard method delivering the action was pretty fantastic. The use of toys as a means of building specific action sequences didn’t quite register, even for the sake of camp. That said, “In Action” is very well aware of its short comings and in the spirit of indie filmmaking, it does the absolute best that it can. Thankfully the film isn’t a waste of time, and actually warrants viewing from an open minded movie audience. It should be noted that the editing from Billy Nawrocki is top drawer and he manages to bring together tight shots and dynamic cuts, adding a gloss to the film that it only benefits from time and time again. I’d love to see “In Action” realized in to a larger scale film with a much larger budget down the road, but as a low budget action comedy, it’s creative, ambitious, and pretty damn fun.