A Deadly Place – 10 Frightening Films (DVD/Digital)

If you’re looking for some frights and fun to ease your boredom during quarantine this summer, “A Deadly Place” is another of Mill Creek Entertainment’s bargain packs with two DVD’s worth of movies varying from fantasy to horror. For folks that are in the market for this kind of set, “A Deadly Place” is a big step up from the usual public domain fodder and actually delivers some treats. That is if you’re not a stickler for special features, or bells and whistles, and whatnot.

Cardiac Arrest from 1980 is a medical horror movie about a slasher surgically removing hearts from patients in San Francisco. It stars Fred Ward as a detective trying to track down the murderer. Day of the Animals from 1977 is yet another nature run amok horror film where the environment (or a depleting ozone layer in this case) turns its animals in to man eating monsters pitted against hapless hikers and yuppies. It stars Christopher George and Leslie Nielsen in what is considered a cult classic. The Dead Hate the Living is a schlock cult classic from Full Moon Entertainment from 2000 which finds a group of young filmmakers using a corpse for a film prop. After opening a portal, they accidentally revive the dead including said corpse and struggle to escape the hospital they’re stuck in.

Deadly Instincts (aka Breeders) from 1997 is another cult classic centered on a meteorite crash landing onto a Boston college campus. An alien beast is released, stalking an all girls’ college in an effort to mate and feed on them. Don’t Go in the House from 1979 is another schlock slasher movie centered on a young man luring women to his house to immolate them. Grim from 1995 is another of the many straight to video shelf fillers featuring an expedition crew that awakens a man eating beast from its slumber. Shrunken Heads from 1994 is a childhood favorite and a title from Full Moon I consider a classic in their library. Centered on a trio of comic book loving kids, they’re murdered by a local gang (led by a Meg Foster in drag) and are revived by a local voodoo priest as shrunken heads.

Dead set on vengeance, they seek to bring down the gang. Tunnels (aka Criminal Act) from 1989 centers on a pair of detectives investigating large tunnels being ravaged by giant rats. While discovering the monsters, they also learn about a local land developing scandal a la “CHUD.” From 1991, With Friends Like These… is a horror anthology featuring three tales of terror, starring Norman Fell. Finally, You’re Driving Me Crazy from 1990 is yet another Norman Fell anthology horror feature centering on a mental asylum and three doctors that cope with their patients, all of whom have their own horror stories.

Both DVDs don’t include any bells and whistles, but it does include a Digital Redemption code for consumers to enjoy this collection on an ipad, or computer.