My Top Five Bunnies & Rabbits of Pop Culture

Happy Easter everyone. Today is the day we all know, and some celebrate, where the Easter Bunny rose from the dead to strike down his enemies after being buried behind a giant egg. Or something to that effect. In either case, here are five of my favorite Bunnies and Rabbits from Pop Culture.

Do you have a favorite bunny and or rabbit? Let me know!

5. Rabbit of Caerbannog – Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Rabbit of Caerbannog is a horrific, menacing beast that manages to be under estimated by anyone that crosses its path. When King Arthur and his knights cross it as it guards The Cave of Caerbannog, King Arthur meets the Legendary Black Beast of Arrrghhh. The “Arrghhh” name sake is from the last words uttered by its victim after confronting it. Despite considering it an easy foe, the Beast proves to be formidable as it violently dispenses of its enemies, causing Arthur and his men to flee in terror.

4. Rabbit in the Hat – Twilight Zone: The Movie
As a kid watching “Twilight Zone: the Movie” for the first time, it was a mind fuck that blew me out of my seat but kept me coming back again and again. One of the striking moments of the movie is when a giant mutant bunny pops out of the hat, thanks to Uncle Walt’s magic and ferociously snarls at Anthony who makes him disappear, completely disturbed by his appearance. It’s one of the many twisted manifestations from Anthony seemingly keeping anyone and everyone hostage with his god-like abilities.

3. Frank the Bunny – Donnie Darko
Frank the Bunny is a mysterious being in “Donnie Darko.” As Donnie is being tormented by visions, dreams, and uncovering an unusual ability to manipulate time and fate, Frank the Bunny consistently appears to him to taunt him, and antagonize him. We’re not too sure what Frank is, even when we find out what Frank is in the climax. Nothing is ever what it seems in “Donnie Darko” even when it’s right in our face.

2. Louise Belcher – Bob’s Burgers
It’s never completely explained why Louise Belcher, the youngest of the Belcher trio of children, wears pink bunny ears, and why she has a such an overwhelming need to protect them, but it’s something we’ve come to accept. Its part of what makes Louise Louise, and we love her for it. She’s a girl who maintains most of the time, and the rabbit ears seem to be the linch pin in her persona.

1. Bugs Bunny – Looney Tunes
Who else but Bugs Bunny? AmIright? At one time even Bugs stepped up to be the Easter Bunny, as he stood in for the actual Easter Bunny in “Easter Yeggs.” He was forced to run around giving eggs to obnoxious kids, and had to endure an obnoxious kid demanding Easter Eggs, and of course Elmer Fudd. Bugsy is the ultimate bunny of pop culture and film. If you’re not privy to the religiosity behind Easter (The bunny and the eggs are actually allegedly Pagan symbols, FYI!) and want to take in some Bunny entertainment, Bugs is your man, Doc.