Five More Great Horror Movie Heroines

There’s no shortage of movie heroines in modern horror cinema (or movies in general, for that matter), and we’ve reached a golden age where the women can stand toe to toe with the men, and often times manage to produce more results than the men. 2019 has had a very good gallery of strong heroines, and with the upcoming premiere of “Little Monsters” along with the season premiere of “The Walking Dead,” I thought it’d be good fun to list five more great horror movie heroines for Halloween Horror Month. What are some of your favorites?

Heather Gummer – Tremors
Heather Gummer is one of the most bad ass heroines of the entire “Tremor” series who sadly only appeared in one movie. Armed to the teeth with her husband Burt, they live in a veritable fortress, and are met with the Graboids. Only with their guns, do they manage to take down one of the subterranean monsters. Heather never spends her time weeping and blubbering, she’s always shooting a gun, always helping, always planning, and never stands down from anyone. She also manages to bicker with husband Burt when he manages to get a bit too zealous in their quest to survive. I wish she’d come back one more time.

Kirby Reed – Scream 4
Kirby Reed is whip smart, clever, catches on faster than most people, she’s sexy as hell, and she has a vast horror movie knowledge that dwarfs most. Kirby is one of the bright spots of “Scream 4” flipping the nerdy movie buff trope on its head, while also contributing to the rising list of suspects that could be the new Ghost face. If it isn’t the horror movie nerd, then who else could it be? In either case, while Kirby is in the film, she manages to become a true force to be reckoned with who probably would have been best friends with Sydney back in “Scream.” I hope she’s brought back for the inevitable reboot or remake or sequel or mid-quel.

Kyle – Child’s Play 2
Kyle is pretty much the only help that poor Andy has in “Child’s Play 2” when Chucky comes knocking at his door. Sadly taken away from his mother and put up for adoption, Chucky tracks Andy down and begins to destroy his life with his new adopted family. But things go to shit in a second, and Kyle is the only chance he has of coming out of this confrontation without being taken over by Chucky. Kyle is a tough and strong heroine who goes through hell to protect Andy, and she’s thankfully been a consistent presence throughout the new movies.

Rhonda LeBeck – Tremors
Rhonda LeBeck is also a heroine of the “Tremors” series who appeared for only one film and she brings the bonafide brains to the folks she sides with to take on the graboids. Originally just a college student studying seismic vibrations in the ground, she doesn’t realize she’s on the verge of confronting a blood thirsty species of monster that thrives in the dirt and feeds on anything that breathes. LeBeck is quick on her feet, and even quicker with an idea and manages to devise some great ideas to fight the Graboids. She’d have made a banner final girl in a slasher movie.

Trish Jarvis – Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
Trish is the heroic big sister to Tommy Jarvis who catches on way too late to Jason Voorhees maniacal rampage, but still manages to survive to the end. In the film, she’s something of a outcast like Tommy who doesn’t realize Jason is lurking in the woods, and goes through great lengths to stop him. That’s also a true test of strength, considering Jason murders just about everyone in the Jarvis family, including their poor dog. Trish even sacrifices herself in one instance, calling Jason to chase her when he decides to go stalking after Tommy. She even throws herself out a window to thwart him, and attacks him with his own machete in the climax. Trish is a great final girl, and one of the banner final girls of the whole series.