Five Great Youtube Channels To Scare You on Halloween

One of my favorite things to do every day is to cruise through my youtube channel subs and watch the latest countdowns from some of my favorite channels. I love the paranormal channels with alleged videos of ghost sightings and shadow people. While I’m mostly a skeptic, it’s still a lot of fun to watch video accounts of ghosts, monsters, and potential UFO’s. If the internet was around when I was a kid, I’d have been up for hours devouring every single paranormal video I came across. These days it’s mostly a novelty, but a fun one. Kind of like walking through a amusement park haunted house. In either case, if you’re interested in some good spooks this October, here are five of my favorite Scary youtube channels.

5. Scare Theater
“Scare Theater” is one of the many channels on Youtube that are devoted to investigating a ton of weird cases and internet folklore. The narrator investigates a ton of cases including Elisa Lam, the Night Walkers, “I Feel Fantastic,” and Dark Web Red Rooms, as well as looking around the web for unnerving videos, and trying to break down long talked about internet mysteries on tik tok, reddit, and 4Chan. There’s a wide array of fascinating and eerie videos and it deserves a peek.

4. Nightmare Expo
Nightmare Expo is a much more in depth look at mysteries around the web and in civilization, taking a more educational approach rather than skeptical. The narrator explores everything from creepy pastas, and stories from Reddit, to exploring dark web mysteries, and discussing creepy disappearances from around the world. The narrator even provides very in depth break downs of various videos of sightings, hauntings, paranormal activity, UFO sightings, EVP’s, as well as popular ARGs including Nathan Barnatt’s “Dad,” and “Local 58.”

3. Chills
“Chills” is pretty much only creepy, weird, and eerie videos from around the internet. Often times they’re submitted by random users that offer their own back stories and possible explanations. The videos are presented as lists with pretty much everything from ghost sightings, possible possessions, weird monsters, Ouija Board encounters, and a lot more fun. Some times the channel includes videos about nearly fatal accidents, and real life crimes. Most of the time you can pretty much add logical conclusions to the more extraordinary videos, but it’s still very entertaining nevertheless.

2. Nuke’s Top 5
“Nuke” takes a more skeptical approach to the scary videos he shows on his channel. He’s a lot like “Chills” in that he shows a ton of count downs of great ghost sightings, hauntings, paranormal encounters, weird monsters, strange anomalies, and weird ghost confrontations on various youtube programs. He’s less sensationalistic with his lists, and often takes a step back to leave it up to the audience to decide what we’ve seen or heard. He always opens the door to the idea that the video he’s showing is an elaborate hoax, which allows for a more interesting investigative experience for the viewers.

1. Local 58 – Community Television
“Local 58” is a great and awfully unnerving ARG that tells a very cryptic story involving brain washing, and a possible alien invasion unfolding through a local channel 58. Created by artist and filmmaker Kris Straub, “Local 58” updates rarely, but tells a very creepy and weird tale of a local channel that begins broadcasting weird messages and odd video footage. The whole narrative is a mystery so far, but much of it involves weird broadcasts, government messages encouraging citizens to commit suicide, and the vague explanation of a cosmic event involving the moon that kills anyone that looks up at it. The videos have been fascination of many paranormal and horror channels for months, and it’s tough not to want to decode the very elaborate, utterly creepy timeline.