Soul Team Six – 6 Blaxploitation Film Collection (DVD/Digital)

Mill Creek Entertainment is getting the jump on the massive library of blaxploitation action and crime thrillers with a six pack collection of some of the finest and most notorious. With many of the titles from the sub-genre being re-released, it’s only fitting that “Soul Team Six” could act as a discount basic course for the sub-genre that managed to convey a unique voice in the sixties and seventies.

Among the DVD set, there’s “The Black Six,” the 1973 revenge thriller starring Gene Washington, Carl Eller, and sports star ‘Mean’ Joe Greene. After a black high school student is killed for dating a white girl, his older brother Bubba, and a small collection of his biker gang friends look to avenge his death. “The Black Six” is notable for featuring six popular football stars from the period, and is the first all black biker film. “The Black Gestapo” from 1975 stars Rod Perry, Phil Hoover, and Charles Robinson as the staff leader of an African American group in Washington looking to save their neighborhood.

When they create an army to combat the white mafia infiltrating and corrupting their neighborhood, the second in command of the group begins a power struggle. “Black Brigade” from 1970 stars Robert Hooks, legendary comedian Richard Pryor, and big screen star Billy Dee Williams in the epic war tale set during World War II. An all African American Company is given orders to destroy a damn in German territory. But with almost no combat experience, and a bigoted captain leading the charge, they have to unite and set aside prejudices to help bring down their common foe.

“Black Fist” from 1974 stars Richard Lawson, Dabney Coleman and Phillip Michael Thomas. Centered on Leroy Fisk who is making a living as a street fighter, and working for a mob boss in Los Angeles, Fisk opens his own club after a big pay day from his boss. But when tragedy strikes, it’s up to him to reap revenge for his family on this responsible. “The Black Godfather” from 1974 stars Rod Perry, Damu King, and Tony Burton. Perry plays JJ, a man who works his way up to the local crime scene and is on the verge of controlling all of the action on the inner city except for the hold on heroin.

Hoping to claim that territory, JJ and his gang wage war on everyone that stand in his way to full crime rule. Finally, there’s “Fighting Mad,” the 1978 war film starring James Iglehart, Leon Isaac, and Jayne Kennedy. Also known as “Death Force,” the film centers on an American soldier on the way back from Vietnam who is betrayed and left for dead on a deserted island. Rescued by Japanese soldiers that have been there since WWII, they help him and train him in the ways of the samurai. He eventually makes it home where he’s able to enact a bloody campaign of revenge with his sword and new skills. The movies have no actual extras, but are uncut and packed together for the economy collector interested in studying up on some of these entertaining pieces of action cinema.