Killer Kate! (2018) [Shriekfest 2018]

A woman goes to her sister’s bachelorette party weekend at a rental house against her better judgment. As a nasty surprise hits them at the cabin, they are forced to face a life-or-death situation the likes of which none of them was prepared for.

Directed by Elliot Feld who co-wrote with Daniel Moya, Killer Kate! is a hunted versus hunters film that is also partially home invasion, partially family drama. The film takes on many themes but is mostly about how these ill-equipped ladies take on the ill-trained/advised killers in their midst. The film is one of those that is an easy watch but not particularly fascinating one. It’s fun, but it’s a bit empty or it feels like it. There is enough in there to be interesting but it’s not something that will stick around in the mind much longer after the film ends. The writing is decent and so is the directing, it’s simply not quite enough to make it a very memorable film. A few sequences are truly awesome but they are far and few inbetween.

Playing the titular character of Kate is Alexandra Feld who does a good job of being the tough cookie, the no-nonsense lead who has to take charge or she won’t make it. At the same time, she is a bit lost but doesn’t show it too much. Feld is a good actress here and does what she can, coming off strong in parts and a bit lost in others. Her status as main character/final girl/hero is clear pretty early on as she is not ready to give in and Feld gives her character that little bit needed to make her more than a simple two-dimensional being. The rest of the victims/survivors are played competently but without really any standouts. Where there is another standout is in the bad folks, the killers, as Tiffany Shepis gives a performance with attitude and showing that she’s been there and done much more. Her performance steals a few scenes and makes the viewer wish she had more.

Killer Kate! makes good use of its location, the rental house and its surroundings in how the ladies are chased and dispatched, making the most of a most likely fairly small budget. The film shoots this location well and makes good use of what it has there with rooms and doors and outdoors. The film is shot competently by cinematographer Daud Sani and edited by Carter Feuerhelm, who come together to create something that feels like it could play into theaters and not simply come out on VOD. Their work makes the film look a bit more expensive.

Killer Kate! is an entertaining enough home invasion/murder spree time of film with characters that are established at the start to make the viewer care about them. Here the would-be killers come off as more interesting than the would-be victims, something that damages the film and how the viewer cares about the outcome. Everything here is competently done and fans of the cast will more than likely appreciate it more than casual viewers might.