Anime 3-Series Collection (DVD)

It’s never been more popular than to be an anime fan, as now it’s been widely accepted and has become pretty much a mainstream fixture. What was once a niche genre on the fringes, is now something everyone can get in on. Whether it’s PG rated fun, or more complex adult entertainment, it’s there for the taking. Mill Creek repackages some of their anime titles from Sony’s library from 2012 for a 3 DVD series collection of some of the more notable anime series to come out of the gates.

Among them there’s “Kurozuka” The Complete Series, a popular anime based on the Japanese Managa from Baku Yumemakura, It spans from the 12th Century to post apocalyptic Japan, where we meet Kuro, a swordsman who falls for Korumitsu an immortal vampire. Kuro is about to become immortal himself but is betrayed by his servant who is a member of the top secret Red Imperial Army. Unconscious, Kuro awakens in the future where the Red Army controls the world, and is determined to wreak revenge and find his lover. “Kurozuka” is mainly for hardcore anime fans as it’s visually stunning, and blood soaked, but heavily based around the love story behind Kuro and Korumitsu.

“Ultraviolet Code 044” is an anime based on the god awful Kurt Wimmer movie “Ultraviolet.” The Madhouse production is centered on the super soldier from the film, who is sent on a mission to take down an outlaw group known as The Phage. She eventually goes on the run and must once again battle her own government. Like the movie, the anime is a ton of flash and not much depth. I wish I could have enjoyed this hoping to redeem the awful film, but it’s terrible, and frankly Madhouse is capable of better. Finally there’s “Viper’s Creed,” the complete series set in the near future where World War III causes a massive flood that sinks all the world’s cities.

When a a private military known as PMC’s, and Vipers begin to clash, they also have to confront criminal elements from the outside, as well as the government’s military. All three series come in complete form, and sadly lack extras and other bells and whistles. However, for a solid DVD bundle for your anime fix, this set will whet your appetite.