The Three Stooges: Big Box of Nyuks Collection (DVD)

For the respective Three Stooges buff looking for a good holiday gift, or for someone just seeking some good old fashioned laughs and gaffs, Mill Creek offers up a forty hour compendium of some of the more interesting three stooges entertainment. While it’s branded the “Complete” collection, I doubt that we’ll ever have a complete collection considering rights issues, but “Big Box of Nyuks” is still a very impressive addition to anyone who adores these knuckleheads and their antics that have managed to garner a new fan base for every generation. It’s an exhaustive look behind the Stooges legacy and also celebrates their comedy when they were at their peak and at their unfortunate worst, but it’s a great collector’s item.

“Big Box of Nyuks” brings with it a six movie collection with the Three Stooges. They include 1941’s Time Out for Rhythm, and 1945’s Rockin’ in the Rockies. We then enter in to the Curly Joe phase of the Stooges with 1959’s Have Rocket, Will Travel, 1963’s Three Stooges Go Around The World In A Daze,1962’s The Three Stooges Meet Hercules, and 1965’s The Outlaws Is Coming. Included in the set is The Three Stooges animated series from 1965 starring Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe as they engaged in various adventures around the world, all of which are bridged by live skits of the older gentlemen doing their best with the slapstick. We get all 156 animated shorts with the 40 live action sequences as the originally aired.

“Hey Moe, Hey Dad!” is a very expansive and exhaustive documentary about the six men that occupied the team of the Three Stooges over the span of their iconic career. Narrated by Moe Howard’s Son Paul, it also features his sister Joan Howard Maurer, and a slew of other people related to the Stooges including descendants, wives, et al. It’s a candid look in to the lives of the various Stooges, but it’s also warm, loving, and entertaining, not to mention features footage and pictures not seen by the public before. “Rare Treasures From The Vault” is a rare look inside he large and interesting career of the stooges. This includes three rare Stooges Columbia cartoons, 14 shorts featuring Shemp Howard, 10 shorts featuring Joe Besser, and 4 shorts starring Joe DeRita.

There’s also the controversial 2000 TV movie titled “The Three Stooges,” starring Michael Chiklis, Paul Ben Victor, and John Kassir as the original trio. Based on the book “From Amalgamated Morons to American Icons,” the television movie explores their rise to comedy, and their inner turmoils, and struggles. Finally there’s some bonus content including the documentary “The Three Stooges Family Album” which features four classic short films, a 1949 pilot for a TV series for ABC, and a rare seen 1970 pilot for a weekly travel series featuring the last known performance of the Three Stooges. With a great bit of encyclopedic packaging, this is a set I was more than happy to sift through. Mill Creek kind of outdoes themselves with this collector’s item.