Night of Something Strange (2016)

Jonathan Straiton’s “Night of Something Strange” seems to exist only to test the audience’s gag reflexes and nothing more. There is no story, no main character, the narrative is a mess, the pacing is uneven, the zombies that Straiton conceives are so poorly fleshed out, and in the end when Straiton throws out the script to deliver a non-ending, the joke falls flat. To prove how inept the movie is, after the prologue we enter in to the main narrative with character Christine delivering a heaping helping of exposition, narrating the set up for the movie as she writes in her journal. The latter portion of the movie reveals that, no, she’s by no means the central character and final girl. It’s just unfocused badly drawn out dreck that makes the movie such a chore to endure.

“Night of Something Strange” is an absolute waste of time, and it’s a ridiculous exercise in making a zombie movie simply because it’s so easy these days. Meanwhile, Straiton throws in so many disgusting sight gags that the attempts to make the audience cringe felt like a crutch for the film’s major lack of scares or creativity. After a janitor at a morgue breaks in and decides to have sex with one of the female corpses that arrived under mysterious circumstances, he dies from a painful genital injury. He emerges as a sex crazed flesh eating zombie who is prone to raping every woman he can and then devouring their flesh. Meanwhile, a group of bargain basement teenagers are preparing to go on Spring Break, and celebrate the occasion by driving around for a day and stopping at a cheap motel for some reason.

Most of the film’s narrative inexplicably is set in a highway based motel, where the characters seemingly go back and forth and experience a ton of drifting sex crazed flesh eating zombies. Said zombies aren’t scary or even remotely interesting, they’re just badly made up and CGI’d monstrosities that spew acid urine, and have an insane sex drive. Surprisingly, very little is accomplished with that concept and there are simply no stakes or the remotest tension because we never get to know our characters well. Every single character in the movie is one dimensional, despicable, and irritating. There’s the obligatory stoner, the obligatory heavy guy, and there’s even a confusing central sub-plot revolving around a side character who finds out his skanky girlfriend is sleeping with another guy. It becomes imperative that we know, for some reason, that he hasn’t had sex for six months and decides to play a fool to sleep with her.

This is all so we can be lured to the motel for the final painful half of the movie. “Night of Something Strange” is a noxious mess, and it works very hard to disgust us. Straiton even seems to get off on building the most nauseating sight gags imaginable. The primary zombie crashes a gas station bathroom after a female character drops her blood soaked tampon and proceeds to eat it, there’s a wet fart prank pulled on the stoner character for some reason, and even a recurring gag with a bloody used condom. “Night of Something Strange” is absolutely god awful, it exists merely to be as sophomoric and disgusting as possible, while showing no concern with unfolding the least bit interesting story. I’m sure the entire cast had a blast making “Night of Something Strange,” but it’s a movie I never intend to see again.