The State of the Cinema Crazed Address – 2016 or “The Year of Too Many Movies”

There are too many movies!

It’s unbelievable, but we’re in the tail end of 2016, and I didn’t even see most of the movies I fully intended to. And I also want to try to catch “Edge of Seventeen” and “Rogue One” before the beginning of 2017.

2016 was a rough year. It was a tough year. It was a weird year. It was hell most times. I suffered through summer, I lost a best friend I had for eighteen years, and I had to endure a ton of health problems. However, it wasn’t all bad.

2016 was a great year for movies, however overstuffed it was, and I got to learn how hard work can often pay off if you’re really anxious to fulfill your goals. I have been working at this writing thing for a very long time and we’re now hitting the map on the movie web, garnering some mentions in the media and even being linked to by Joe Bob Briggs on his official facebook page.

Most of all, Cinema Crazed managed to find its place among the indie film bubble thanks to the help of our two new contributors, Emilie Black and Phil Hall. Phil and Emilie are not only very good friends of ours, but they’re as big a fans of film and independent cinema as we are.

Emilie Black is a constant festival rover who has been to a ton of film festivals all over the country. She loves writing like we do and has been devoting a lot of time to contributing her best writing and coverage to the site. She’s not just a contributor, but she’s our sister in arms, and an indispensable part of Cinema Crazed.

Phil Hall has been working with independent film for years and has built a wonderful reputation among the community and we were thrilled when he came on board to write for us. Phil has been a wonderful friend, colleague and mentor to us since 2005, and we’re happy to be working alongside him in whatever capacity that we can.

Both of these people and our continued efforts to cover the indie film community as best as we can have given us significant attention, and we’re hoping to cover even more indie film festivals in 2017. We plan on re-visiting Fantasia, and might be aiming for Slamdance to boot. 2016 was a successful and unique year for Cinema Crazed, despite the year being so hard and emotional for us personally.

That said there are some interesting developments in the pipeline including more indie film coverage, more lists, and we’re going to be exploring creating videos for youtube eventually. The podcast “Geek Mutiny” is still up in the air at the moment as both hosts have been so busy in their personal and work life that it’s been hard to get together for another episode, but we will keep you posted. We’re also going to work on building a new layout for the site.

The last layout we had for most of 2016 just didn’t work out since the coding sucked, getting help with the layout required paying for access to technicians, and ultimately the template updating broke the site. We’ll see what happens.

2017 is back to business as usual. We’re going to cover everything we can in the realm of movies, and pop culture, and we’re going to do our best to deliver the best writing and content that we can. We had some great feedback over the year from a lot of readers, and we’re hoping to hit that high note once again. If you’re still following us and have been reading us for a while now, thanks for everything.

Thanks for the support, the feedback, and most of all, we hope to see you again in 2017.