The Night Before Halloween (2016)

nightbeforehalloween“The Night Before Halloween” should actually be called “I Know What You Did The Night Before Last Halloween Around 11:50pm,” as it borrows heavily from those slasher themes and, once again, steals a lot from “The Ring.” Someone at the Syfy Channel must have loved “The Ring,” as they seem persistent on copying its themes involving teens running from a dark curse that is targeting them or some such nonsense. Seriously, a movie like this should not be so complicated and confusing to follow. The storyline and mythos behind it is actually so confusing no one in the movie can ever explain what the hell is going on. To anyone. Set on the night before Halloween, a group of girls have a vicious prank played on them from local boys in their school. During the prank one of the friends, Beth, is accidentally electrocuted and nearly killed.

Refusing to admit to the police what happened, the friends are nearly murdered by friend Kyle who was hiding a dark secret. I wish I could explain what happens next but forty minutes in to the movie I literally had no idea what was going on. Hell, even checking for a plot summary online left me with little clarity as to what we were supposed to be watching, and who we should have been rooting for. Apparently Kyle has a curse called “The Curse of the Carver” that will kill him on Halloween at midnight. So to relinquish the curse, he has to trick someone in to killing someone else, so he can pass on the curse. Or something. Said curse stalks the other people by swarming them with flies and mutilating them. So how does one acquire “Curse of the Carver”? Who knows? If the curse is fulfilled and it kills off its intended victim, does the curse just die or lay dormant? Damned if I know.

Is the curse some kind of supernatural force or is it a monster that attaches itself to people? Your guess is as good as my own. What do the flies have to do with the curse? And if their friend really didn’t die but is brain dead, did that mean the curse attached itself to her and was waiting for Halloween to finish her off, or was she psychologically controlling the monster to kill off her friends? Did Beth really call up all of her friends, or did the monster merely mimic her? And if the curse attaches itself to someone if you trick them in to committing murder, then why is the curse after the entire group of friends? Bailee Madison, who has proven her chops as an actress, is way too good for this kind of confusing horror slop. It’s a shame, since “The Night Before Halloween” starts off with potential and nose dives in to complete idiocy.