Captain America Civil War (2016) [Blu-Ray/Digital]

capamcwIt’s amazing what kind of feat the Russo Brothers have pulled off. Not only do they offer up a pseudo-sequel to the continuing saga of “The Avengers” but they also manage to squeeze in a superhero epic, and revenge saga that stretches out over the Marvel Cinematic Universe without ever missing a single beat. “Captain America: Civil War” finally brings the Marvel Universe full circle creating something of a wider scope now that Marvel has been able to acquire and introduce superheroes and characters that were long thought to be incapable of appearing. In just a two and a half hour movie, we’re able to watch a full fledged tale of friendship unfold in the face of a revenge plot, while being given marvelous and overdue introductions to iconic Avenger The Black Panther, and Marvel’s long awaited iteration of their iconic superhero Spider-Man.

After much of their adventures involving saving the world, the fall out comes back to bite Tony when he’s confronted by the mother of a civilian who died during the Hulk attack in “Age of Ultron.” Convinced the Avengers need to be monitored and supervised, Tony teams up with Captain Ross to convince his team that they need government supervision, while Steve Rogers Captain America insists that the team needs to keep control of itself. Meanwhile there’s an enigmatic man known as Zemo who has picked up the remnants of Hydra and has now devised an intricate plan to frame a now in-hiding Bucky for crimes he hasn’t committed. Now with the government insisting on cracking down on the team, Captain America decides to defy them and help his friend. Along the way, “Civil War” examines the idea of casualties of war, and the price of safety in a world constantly under threat. As well, the Russos compile a wonderful look at how the thirst for revenge and vengeance can rot someone from the inside out, turning a once fine person in to a potential monster.

The Russos pace “Civil War” brilliantly, making it an amazing sequel to “Winter Soldier” while also paying fan service to loyal Marvel fans across the world. Not only do we get to see an interesting picture of a group of powerful heroes at odds with one another over ideals and concepts of control and wielding magnificent power, but the Russos bring together the Marvel Cinematic Universe in one of many epic crossovers. Every cast member from previous Marvel films reprise their respective roles, to battle for the dueling issues Tony and Steve Rogers are willing to die for. This results in an amazing and pitch perfect battle in an airport where the Russos brilliantly develop every single hero we’ve seen in the Marvel movie series, and even allow newcomers Black Panther and Spider-Man to have their own moments that will inspire laughs and awe. Everything from the performances, to the special effects, right up to the very complex and compelling narrative is absolutely top notch raising the bar yet again for comic book and superhero movies.

“Civil War” is a stellar action movie and one of the best movies of 2016.

The packed released from Disney comes with a digital copy from Disney, which is automatically included with purchase. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall — The Making of Captain America: Civil War” is a two part forty five minute look at the making of the film featuring cast and crew interviews, a look at the origins of the story, the original comic book the ideas stemmed from, the themes, the stunt work and much more. The second part discusses Vision’s role in the film, Chadwick Boseman’s turn as Black Panther, and Tom Holland’s introduction as the new cinematic Spider-Man! “Captain America: The Road to Civil War” is a four minute detailed look at Captain America’s role in the conflict, and Chris Evans’ performance.

“Iron Man: The Road to Civil War” is a four minute segment of the aforementioned except now focused on Iron Man. “Open Your Mind: Marvel’s Doctor Strange” is a fun four minute look at the next Marvel film storming the gates, featuring a look at concept art, and clips from “Doctor Strange.” There are almost ten minutes of Deleted and Extended Scenes all ranging from an longer scene of the funeral, and Zemo’s plans, et al. There’s a three minute Gag Reel, and finally, an audio commentary with directors Anthony & Joe Russo and Writers Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, all of whom offer up some good and light insight on the film, plot, performances, and so much more.