Brix and the Bitch (2016)

BRIXandtheBITCHDirector and Writer Nico Raineau’s award winning “Brix and the Bitch” is a remarkable drama about the powerful love two women share, and how it can potentially decide their future when one of them is stuck in a terrible situation. Dre Swain is fantastic as Bitch, a martial artist who engages in a near endless string of fights for an illegal gambling circuit. Despite her girlfriend Brix’s insistence that she stop before she’s killed, Bitch engages in bone shattering fights every night.

She does this for her bookie who she owes a ton of money, which he is collecting through her winning matches. Raineau establishes the dilemma beautifully, relying on important flashbacks that emphasize the passionate and loving relationship between the pair of women. This successfully reflects the main character’s drive to win every match and complete her debt. “Brix and Bitch” delivers a very heavy and excellent plot twist that isn’t just a fine turn of events for the climax, but is something of a poetic testament to the romance that ensues on-screen.

Everyone is on their game here, from star Swain, the equally stellar Alex Marshall-Brown, and Raineau whose filmmaking prowess culminates in to a bone crushing martial arts film where every hit and kick is emotionally taxing thanks to the sincerity and heart Raineau injects in every frame.

“Brix And The Bitch” will be playing at the HollyShorts Film Festival on Tuesday August 16th at 10:00pm in the “Action” block. Follow the film on Facebook.