Five Websites to Find The Best Short Films


Pixar short “Piper.”

Never underestimate the power of the short film. Short films have become popular over the years that they’ve resulted in immense respect and success for their directors and respective shorts, paving a very seasoned career for most. Everything from Oscar nominee/genre favorite “District 9,” Guillermo Del Toro fueled horror film “Mama,” and (to a much lesser extent) “Pixels,” were adapted from successful short films, while genre directors like Fede Alvarez began his career directing acclaimed short films.

The highly anticipated horror film “Lights Out,” coming to theaters this month, also originally began life as a viral sensation. David Sandberg’s short film was so widely circulated in social media, and praised for being so absolutely terrifying that it garnered a deal with Warner Bros for a full length adaptation, and is being produced by none other than James Wan. If you want to begin your own blog, or just want to keep up with short films, here are five great resources to view short films of a wide variety.

5. Vimeo On Demand
Vimeo has been a very indie friendly platform for independent filmmakers and performers for many years and has made an on demand service available that’s quite impressive. While they do have some classic indie films and occasional mainstream titles, they also have a lot of underground and independent films in their library. Along with their wide array of categories, they also have a short film library, allowing folks a pick of some unique titles. Of course like most on demand services, you have to pay for all of these titles, but Vimeo On Demand have very reasonable price tags, with top notch quality.

4. I Love Short Films.Com
I Love Short Films.Com likens itself a lot to Netflix, where it’s a massive library of very specific sub-genres of short films. And not just filmmakers get to submit their own films. College students and teams from art schools and filmmaking schools are also capable of submitting their completed work for public consumption, allowing us a look in to future animators with potential to work in Pixar, Dreamworks, and the like. It’s kind of an exciting prospect to go on to a great very easy to surf website like I Love Short Films.Com, and be able to navigate through a library of films to find what suits you. To sweeten the pot, there’s even a Kids Zone. So if you want to open up your child’s minds with original short films that are G rated, you’re in luck!

3. Crypt TV
Financially backed by Jason Blum of Blumhouse Pictures and Eli Roth, “Crypt TV” has been mostly located as a social media short film service, where you can view some rather amazing short horror films from independent directors, and share them with your friends. I’ve managed to view many of the films from Crypt TV over the last year, and they’re rather fantastic and occasionally give me the willies. Some of the short range anywhere from three minutes to ten minutes, and it’s worth perusing through their library, as they have packed in a ton of prime horror talent, many of whom I hope go on to make feature length films and change the face of the genre.

2. Youtube
It seems obvious, but youtube is filled with hundreds of short films from all kinds of filmmakers all over the world. Many of these filmmakers are anxious for views and comments, and deserve your support. A lot of times all you have to do is type “Short film” and you’ll find pages and pages and pages of short films from aspiring filmmakers, up and coming filmmakers, and first time directors looking for an audience. You won’t always find a work of art, but you can definitely experiment and even have your own festival at home with a playlist of short films. Be sure to leave a comment or thumbs up and show these directors you support them and that you’re out there.

1. Short of the Week
I’m admittedly subscribed to the newsletter for “Short of the Week” and almost every week I receive updates about their latest picks for stellar short films. “Short of the Week” is a comprehensive website filled with short films of a wide variety. If you love animation, drama, comedy, horror, gore, mystery, there’s a ton of titles from very hard working filmmakers. What’s more is that the curators of the website also review the film you watch, and often interview the directors. They also allow an open discourse in their comments section, offering viewers a chance to express their own opinions and constructive opinions about various short films. “Short of the Week” is my go to site for short films, and while I don’t always come across a gem, I’m almost always guaranteed to hit on an original or bold short.