My Top Five Favorite Fictional Babysitters

aib1987With the remake of “Adventures in Babysitting” coming to Disney Channel on Friday, I thought I’d go over some of my favorite babysitters from pop culture. I went through a ton of potentials, including the ladies from “The Babysitters Club,” but I admittedly never read any of the books, so this is more cinematic babysitters. Some of these are babysitters I wish I had as child. It would have made staying home so much easier.

kindergarten_copJohn Kimble – Kindergarten Cop
John Kimble is huge, he’s loud, he’s strong and he doesn’t mind punching out a dad when he realizes one of the kids in his charge is being abused. Kimble is the gentle giant who doesn’t realize how much he loves kids until he has to care for them, and he ends up being a darn good guardian, even risking his life to keep the kids from harm. Plus he has the funny accent.

LisaLisa – Amityville Horror
What red blooded male among us hasn’t been stuck with a random babysitter and wished that someone like Lisa would walk in through the door, prepared to share the same breathing space with us for a few hours? Sure, she’s a smoker, and very irresponsible, but as a teen I’d have filibustered for her to be my permanent babysitter as long as it took.

chrisparkerChris Parker – Adventures in Babysitting
Chris is a bit out of her element, but she takes a lot of her falls and obstacles with as much courage and gusto as she can. She’s a loyal friend who accidentally loses control of the kids she’s watching, and gets them through hell and back with quick thinking, strength, and the will to wield a knife stand up to a street gang if it means keeping her kid from being mortally wounded on the subway. With looks to boot, Chris is the ideal babysitter.

uncle-buckBuck Russell – Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck doesn’t do everything like a typical babysitter, but he gets shit done and at the end of the day all of his kids are clean, safe, and fed. He gets clothes washed, feeds the family pet, and makes a big deal out of his nephew’s birthday with some of the biggest pancakes in the world. Plus he’s a ruthless son of a bitch if you dare cross any of his nieces.

karimckeenKari McKeen – The Incredibles
Kari McKeen is about the best babysitter there is. She has all the knowledge of child care, CPR, and the like, and in case one of the toddlers she’s caring for begins turning in to a super human with amazing abilities, she has it covered. She’s patient, considerate, and confident, even as her charge Jak Jak begins transforming and is kidnapped by Syndrome. I hope the Parr family paid her well at the end of the day.