Fast Zombies Suck (2011)


There’s having a hobby and then there’s having an obsession. One of the two can be very dangerous and eventually sink us in to a land of delusion that can affect the people around us. Ken and his girlfriend are at odds with one another after Ken agrees to meet with her parents for dinner. Unfortunately Ken is glued to watching one of his favorite zombie movies for the thousandth time, testing her patience.

Ken has a love for all things zombie, plastering his house with books, posters, and games about the walking dead, and his girlfriend isn’t happy about it. After turning down another commitment, she leaves him alone to his devices. Ken then proceeds to get piss drunk, and upon stepping out on to his balcony swears he sees a full on zombie apocalypse unfolding before his eyes. Before long he’s shooting down walkers left and right, and gets a hard and very bleak lesson on what happens when you obsess over something and lose the ability to differentiate reality and fantasy.

“Fast Zombies Suck” is a lot bleaker and darker than I initially assumed it would be, and is very well directed. It leads us down in to the path of Ken’s own mentality where he swears he’s witnessing a zombie apocalypse. And then we’re given an utterly horrifying glimpse at what’s actually happening, as well as the blood soaked results of his delusional state. Matt Blazi and Karin Crighton give solid performances, while Jeff Heimbuch adapts Brian Keene’s short story in to a word to the wise. It’s great to love horror, but it’s also nice to understand what reality is and what is just plain old fantasy.