Leprechaun (1993)


I remember the first time my brother and I asked my parents if we could rent “Leprechaun” from the video store. My dad responded with “No way! You guys won’t be able to look at a box of Lucky Charms for a month!” Suffice it to say he did rent it after we begged, and not only did the movie not scare us, but it bored us to tears. You can just sense that writers behind the concept were running low on mythical monsters to turn in to horror villains. Trolls were taken, as were elves, so the leprechaun seems like a logical but failed next step.

Ten years prior, Daniel O’Grady returns from Ireland a rich man, prepared to bask in his wealth, and realizes that the leprechaun has followed him home. After stealing his gold, the leprechaun will not go until he gives him his riches back, and proceeds to murder Daniel’s wife, and goad Daniel in to a life ending stroke. Not before Daniel traps the leprechaun in a wooden crate, keeping him inside with the mythical four leaf clover, though. A decade later, city goer Tory is brought to the farm with her dad, to repair it and sell it, and the damn clover is brushed off the crate. Now the leprechaun is free and wreaking havoc with miniature cars, toddler tricycles, and pogo sticks! There’s even a brutal game of hide and seek in the woods with an inept deputy.

The primary problem is that the writers try to turn the leprechaun in to some sort of slasher serial killer, rather than simply transform him in to a devious trickster. This is a monster with gold that can grant wishes, and there’s not a lot of exploration of that. Instead he runs around hiding behind shelves, mimicking children, and knocking people over by the ankles. There’s also a death by pogo stick, if you can believe it. I would have loved the Leprechaun to be this monster that introduces fortune and wealth to a group that gradually transforms them in to greedy monsters murdering each another, as he sits by enjoying the and pulling the strings. Warwick Davis is slick as this monster with pretty solid make up effects, it’s just a shame it’s misused.