Five Great Danny Trejo Performances


Danny Trejo has been in almost three hundred films, and at the age of sixty nine (turning seventy this year!), he is by no means slowing down. He has almost a dozen projects lined up in 2014, including a supporting role in the upcoming George Lopez series on FX in America. Trejo is a man who obviously loves to work and will be in almost anything. Whether you enjoy the movie or not, you have to admit the man has presence and a unique charisma that makes him stand out, whether he’s playing a bar tender, or a janitor. While Mr. Trejo has managed to amass a humongous list of films and television roles, here are five we especially enjoyed from his long and well earned career.

Sherrybaby (2006)
Dean Walker
Danny Trejo’s presence in “Sherrybaby” is crucial in that he plays someone that the character Sherry can be somewhere down the road. Sherry is an ex drug addict and alcoholic who meets Trejo’s character Dean at AA, and they spark up a friendship that becomes an eventual mentorship that Sherry sorely needs. But not even an experienced addict like him can keep Sherry from self-destructing.

Spy Kids (2001)
Trejo takes one of his rare family friendly turns as the enigmatic but lovable uncle Machete. He looks after the Cortez children, and eventually has to come to train young Juni and Carmen as international spies when their parents go missing. There’s never really been an indication if the Machete in this series is the Machete from the grindhouse vehicle, but there’s obviously a connection there somewhere. Trejo has a good time with the supporting role, and plays a crucial importance in the ultimate premise.

The Devil’s Rejects (2005)
As Rondo, he’s one of the Unholy Two, a gun for hire who is taken on with his brother (Dallas Page) to hunt down the Firefly Clan and end their reign of terror. When there’s no one else to bring the group to justice, the demented Sheriff Wydell sends them after the criminals and surely enough they succeed in brutally wounding the trio of maniacal killers. Though Trejo and Dallas Page’s roles are brief, they make a hilarious and raucous appearance as somewhat oafish killers that get the job done, even if they don’t seem too bright upon their introductions.

Grindhouse (2007)
The planting grounds for Trejo’s starring vehicle, the long time favorite collaborator and friend of director Robert Rodriguez was given a mock movie trailer that many people loved. Beyond “Thanksgiving” and “Don’t!” this trailer was all they spoke of. Including ridiculous explosions, massive gun fights, this fun trailer eventually turned in to the planned film trilogy from director Rodriguez. It’s a long overdue request for a big starring vehicle for Trejo who, even at sixty, can still probably kick the ass of guys half his age.

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
Razor Charlie
As Razor Charlie, the muscle bound bartender of the “Titty Twister,” Trejo is really only on-screen for fifteen minutes, but has a ball. Charlie is a tough no nonsense bar keep refusing to serve the crew of the Gecko brothers and the Fuller Family. But when the blood bath begins, he reveals himself to be a vampiric monster who begins tearing people’s limbs off. It takes Tom Savini’s quick foot work, and weaponry to bring down Razor Charlie and do what most men in the bar likely wouldn’t have been able to do. Trejo is a menacing beast in this small role, and a memorable horror villain.