A Woman Scorned (2014)

Hell hath no fury, as the saying goes, and the poor sap that crossed his woman, endures some of the worst punishment imaginable. Soon to be included as a compilation in a film called “World of Death,” Jeff Thompson’s horror film is a short but sweet tale of revenge through the classic voodoo doll.

We’re never quite let in on what the poor man in the film did to cross the woman in his life, but nevertheless, she unleashes her wrath. Director Thompson is able to perfectly edit together the short horror film where the doll slowly consumes the man’s spirit allowing him to become the victim of endless torture. Though the violence is mostly implied, that doesn’t cushion the intended effect.

Director Thompson posits the main character as someone who really did unleash hell when he crossed the enigmatic women of the short. From waking up in various spots, and being tortured, “A Woman Scorned” really is an effective and creepy short but sweet genre entry. It’s a very good revenge tale about a man who suffered dearly for wronging the woman in his life, and it ends on a very eerie note I enjoyed. I look forward to seeing what Jeff Thompson can do with a longer format film.