High Bid (2014)

There’s a joke in this movie somewhere. I’m just not sure where. It’s not a bad movie by any means, but for a short film that identifies itself as a comedy, I kept wondering when the punch line would come. It’s a pretty good and well directed short film, but I’m still not sure what the joke for “High Bid” is, in the end. Is it the final scene? The preparation for the date? The mom’s oblivious tendency to help her daughter? Does the mom know about the daughter’s auction?

Are we supposed to find the main character’s actions liberating in some sense? Young Margot is preparing for a night out, while also posting a listing on an online auction site. With the help of her mother who rushes back and forth, she figures out slowly how to list what seems to be a very important listing. Her mom dissuades her from posting the auctions thinking it’s a waste of time, but also insists she find ways to raise money for college.

Meanwhile Margot prepares for her night out with friends, while prepping the auction. “High Bid” is a fairly simplistic and unusual short, and one with a joke lying somewhere. The production quality is very good, and Ms. Flynn is a solid director, but for a short film that’s tagged as a comedy, I never figured out what was means to be comical or ironic. I’d love to see more of what Meagan Flynn can do with a more coherent narrative, that’s for sure.