Our Top 5 Childhood Animated Crushes


Valentine’s Day is this Friday, folks. In celebration of the day that reminds a lot of people that they’re single, and forces a lot of people to buy presents for their loved ones out of sheer obligation, we’re featuring five animated characters from our childhood that we crushed on for many years. They stemmed from television, movies, or perhaps video games, and they’re five animated women we were definitely fond of and swooned over for a long time.

What animated characters did you crush hard on? Let us know!


5. Black Canary – JL/JLU
I mean, how could Green Arrow not fall for her? She has a leather jacket, wears a tight corset, fishnet stockings, small boots, gorgeous blond hair, and can beat down any man who dares to try and talk smack to her. I would gladly submit myself to her if she was flesh and bone. Black Canary was always a minor character for a long time until she made her larger debut in the animated series “Justice League Unlimited” garnering the spotlight for many episodes she shared with her rival Huntress, her mentor Wildcat, and her bonafide booty call Green Arrow. My favorite episode is easily where she has to throw down with many female titans in an illegal fighting ring including Wonder Woman. Have mercy.


4. Rogue – X-Men: Evolution
I know most fan boys prefer Rogue from X-Men: The Animated Series, but I’m much more in favor of Rogue from “Evolution.” She has that gorgeous short hair with the white streak, the pseudo-Goth attire that she dons as a fashion statement that also prevents her from garnering skin contact from anyone she interacts with, and (thanks to the X-Men movie that came out a few years before) she kind of has a Southern twang similar to Anna Paquin’s. Rogue is a deep and complex young woman who craves body contact, but can never have it, which is a shame. Because she’s really good looking. She’s the ultimate forbidden fruit.


3. Jane Lane – Daria
She doesn’t give a crap what anyone says about her, and she likes it that way. We meet Jane when Daria moves to her new town, and surely enough Jane is the exact friend Daria needs at that time. In a town where there’s nothing but conformity and uniformity, Jane is one of the stand outs who manage to find something in Daria. And in return, Daria finds a reason to continue standing up for her beliefs and keep her individuality thanks to Jane. Much like Daria, Jane is a wise cracking and passionate girl who responds to the lunacy around her with a funny quip, and we love her that way. Plus, she comes from a seriously demented family that makes Daria’s look like “The Brady Bunch.” Jane is creates conflict, and she helps Daria through the good times and bad times. She’s just a stand up and strong woman.


2. Holli Would – Cool World
Kind of a successor to Jessica Rabbit, Holli Would is the devious, untrusting femme fatale you didn’t want to admit you crushed on. Mainly because “Cool World” was such an awful movie. Oh Ralph Bakshi, you’re so much better than this. Holli Would is from the Jessica Rabbit school of hot animated characters, with the husky voice, skimpy outfit, and unbridled sexuality, and she becomes the primary villain for “Cool World,” much in the way Jessica Rabbit did. Kim Basinger lent Holli Would that charisma she needed, and let’s face it: You’d definitely submit to this femme fatale.


1. Jessica Rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Let’s face it, you were expecting her, and for many boys that grew up during the period of the late eighties and in to the nineties, Jessica Rabbit revealed a real love for women. I was five when I went to see Roger Rabbit in theaters, and Jessica Rabbit cemented my love for curvaceous women, period. I don’t care if she’s anatomically incorrect, she’s just a symbol of pure utter sexuality, and she brings back a rush of memories for any young boy from that period. Jessica Rabbit is the sexiest animated character of all time, a busty, enticing, sexy, femme fatale you love to hate.