Steps (2013)


“Steps” from director Josef Rodriguez has a lot more coherency than “Take It Back” does, but it is still a work in progress. “Steps” is a short with a lot of potential to be a funny look at a jerk’s punishment when he crosses a girl at a party. When he’s kicked out, he realizes he has to pee and there’s not a bathroom in sight.

“Steps” really has the right idea and an interesting premise, tracking back the plot to when our character’s problems began. And there are some funny moments with much more polished direction this time around. While the performances and the editing are rough around the edges, director Rodriguez has a better handle on the story he’s trying to tell. Plus, the obstacles this character faces is comical, especially when director Rodriguez splices in scenes of a tidalwave to symbolize his urge to pee.

That said, I was never sure what the final scene meant, if anything. Why did he read the sign about “Saying No to Sex” while peeing? Why did director Rodriguez focus on the sign as the film ended. Did he attempt to hurt the girl who threw him out of the party? I was never sure, thus the ending feels abrupt and unrealized. “Steps” is a pretty solid short film from director Rodriguez, and I’d definitely like to see his progress as a storyteller.