The Best of the Worst – 12 Horror Movie Collection (DVD)


From Mill Creek comes a dozen horror and fantasy films so bad you’ll want to eventually claw your eyes out. You could call this a compilation of films from the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” gallery. Except without the hilarious commentary to ease the pain. If you’re interested in owning these films sans the commentaries, it’s here for the taking!

1966’s “Manos the Hands of Fate” is a classic disasterpiece about a family that goes on vacation and ends up in the house of a Satanic master who holds them hostage with his animal footed sidekick Torgo, and his evil brides. This is a film so poorly made, you should aspire to work for the opposite if you want to make movies, someday. “Track of the Moon Beast” from 1976 is about a young man who gets a piece of meteorite lodged in his skull causing him to become a lizard monster at night. 1961’s “The Beast of Yucca Flats” is a goofy and mostly tedious monster on a rampage movie starring Tor Johnson. 1962’s “Eegah” is a rock and roll horror film about a stone age caveman who tries to steal a beautiful girl away from her rock star boyfriend.

1943’s “The Ape Man” stars Bela Lugosi as a mad scientists who turns innocent man in to a murderous ape monster. On the run, he tries to find a way to reverse the process. “The Amazing Transparent Man” from 1960 is a science fiction horror film about a scientist who is taken hostage by a military major who wants to create an army of invisible men. 1964’s “The Atomic Brain” is another science fiction horror film about a mad scientists search for immortality in a dungeon filled with monsters and dead bodies. “Dementia 13” is the classic Francis Ford Coppola hack and slash mystery that set the standard for slasher films alike.

“Unknown World” from 1951 centers on a group of scientists drilling to the center of the Earth in an effort to escape a nuclear holocaust and run afoul something evil. “The Terror” from 1964 stars Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson in an adaptation of a Poe short story about a military officer haunted by a beautiful woman. “Mesa of Lost Women” from 195 stars Jackie Coogan centers on an evil scientist conducting experiments breding super woman with spider-Venom. Finally, “The Incredible Petrified World” from 1957 stars John Carradine alongside a group of explorers stuck underwater and seeking the surface through elaborate caverns.

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