Combat! The Complete Fifth Season (DVD)

combat5This is it. The final season of one of the most critically acclaimed war dramas ever created. On an eight disc edition for fans, “Combat! The Complete Fifth Season” is the only season of the popular war drama broadcast in color, and it features the stories of two parallel platoons on a journey in World War II.

Well known for its array of guest stars, as well as its direction and writing from noted directors included Robert Altman, “Combat!” is a change of pace for the series before it bows out, with new props, and settings, but delivering the same exciting war based drama we know the series for. In one episode character Saunders is blinded in combat and tricked by a German Chaplain to help a wounded German soldier, while in another episode Saunders receives the upsetting news that his brother has enlisted in the army.

In an episode guest starring Tom Skeritt, Saunders is put through the ringer when he’s captured, and hunted by enemy dogs. “Combat!” is still the very gritty and realistic war show that set itself apart from the sub-genre television series of that period, many of which were either too comedic, or too sensationalistic of the war effort. For fans of the series, this re-release of the 2005 DVD set is a welcome addition to their collection, in spite of the special features being just repackaged goods from the original release.


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