Skinhead Requiem (2013)

skinhead-reqDirector Jason Victor Everett’s short dramatic thriller “Skinhead Requiem” is a powerful and compelling short look at two men on the cusp of realization in their lives that they will take with them to their graves. Director Jason Victor Everett takes a startling transformation as the ultimate extremist skinhead, while the legendary Tom Noonan plays a priest speaking with him as he prepares to leave for his execution.

There aren’t so many words exchanged between the two men, but there is a connection between them that’s unspoken. We can never be too sure why Noonan’s priest is there to console the prisoner, or why the prisoner even listens to the priest, but their exchanges of life experiences and woes is brilliant, and often startling. Director Everett doesn’t let his make up and incredible change of face become the character, and only uses it as an element to emphasize how much of a hate monger this man is and will die as. Director Everett keeps up with Noonan wonderfully, and the pair of gentlemen really help “Skinhead Requiem” become this classy short look at humanity, and the empty pursuit of hatred.

We’re never really told what this immense manifestation of hatred and racism did to warrant a death row visit, but we know that he’s realized much too late that this mission of hating others eventually did nothing for him, and turned him in to a monster that he probably never actually bought in to his entire life. The final reveal is magnificent and the really powerful statement about how sometimes it’s never too late to change our ways and fight for something positive. Director Everett has a truly excellent short film here, and I implore many to watch for it at festivals.