Decadent Evil (2005)

Hey did you see “The Vampire Journals” from Full Moon? Yes? Well, prepare to watch it again, but in a ten minute nutshell version. On par with much of Full Moon’s corner cutting productions, “Decadent Evil” is mostly just nothing but filler, with clips to the days of Full Moon Entertainment when they were actually trying. “Decadent Evil” is barely eighty minutes in length, and counting the opening clip show, and credits, it’s only about an hour of actual movie. All of which is contrived and based heavily around the hope that you’ve seen and remember “The Vampire Journals” fondly.

You know a movie is bad when busty half naked female vampires are on-screen and you’re more interested in when there’s going to be something resembling action approaching the movie any time soon. Meanwhile, I often wondered how they were able to take pictures of the female vamps if they have no actual reflection. “Decadent Evil,” when it’s not wasting time on filler like long opening credits, and tame softcore sex scenes, is a bland and boring story about a coven of female vampires looking to feed on ten thousand people to allow them the chance to gain the powers of all vampires.

Since vampires are by nature fast, immortal, strong, cunning, shape shifting, and sexy, what would the powers of all vampires give them? Would they be extra super immortal? Stupid fast? And would they still be vulnerable to sunlight and still require blood to stay alive? Most of “Decadent Evil” is stock vampire storytelling and plot devices, with a forbidden romance, endlessly sexy vampires, etc. along with some glaring filming oddities.

I’m almost certain most of the huge scenes of the city at night were taken from the fun “Shrunken Heads,” while Charles Band manages to squeeze yet another miniature monster from his menagerie of tiny terrors with Marvin, a small red creature that’s kept by the coven’s queen. Oddly enough he’s seen everything so we’re apparently watching the story through his own eyes. Even the sub-plot involving the dwarf vampire hunter and the lover of one of the coven’s members. How he manages that? I don’t know. When a movie ends with two demonic dolls having anal sex in a bird cage, it’s pretty clear you’re just wasting your time. It’s a shame this is what became of the “Subspecies” series.