The Magic School Bus: All About Earth (DVD)

In honor of Earth Day, Scholastic releases a DVD compilation of four episodes of one of the best educational animated series of the nineties, “The Magic School Bus.” A series that taught kids about everything involving science, while entertaining with its diverse characters and ability to turn every episode in to a unique adventure, “All About Earth” is a DVD gathering of episodes about the glory of the planet Earth and what it has to offer.

The series may be a classic, but the science facts it has to teach children are still valuable, and very fascinating to learn, no matter how old you are. Adults may find this DVD a great experience to watch along with children as it can spawn some interesting discussion. “All About Earth” features an episode about the magic of flowers and seeds, when the group decides to shrink and learn about the function of bees, the different aspects of your normal flower, and what they contribute to the ecosystem. There’s “Blows its Top” is all about volcanoes and islands, and how they help as well as harm. As well, Ms. Frizzles shows her class how islands are formed around the world.

There’s also “Goes on Air” in which the children learn about air, oxygen, and what kind of world is within and around the world we take for granted. With Ms. Frizzle, nothing is too minute to explore, and nothing is ever boring. The bonus episode includes “All Dried Up” where the children learn about the desert climate, and what the land is like as well as its wild life. The reason why “The Magic School Bus” is still considered a gem among children everywhere, is because while the knowledge is valuable, the animated series was never too sugary or saccharine to sit through. Everything about the series was restrained and very creative. Plus, everyone wishes they had a teacher like Ms. Frizzle when they were kids. The DVD comes with the options of English and Spanish audio tracks, and is now available from Scholastic.