Girls and Corpses: Volume #7 [Magazine]

gandc-springThe girl can’t help it. “Girls and Corpses” celebrates their Spring volume by bringing aboard their own bonafide spring hotty, Courtney Stodden. Whether or not you’re a fan, there’s no denying the news savvy highly publicized Stodden is insanely hot, and “Girls and Corpses” takes advantage of her photo shoot, making sure to show off how Stodden manages to keep every page of her photo spread burning to the touch.

There’s even a delectable fold out poster for folks who want to appreciate Stodden every single day of the year. Stodden is definitely a model for the horror magazine that will keep readers turning back to her spread again, and again, and she takes full zeal in her new cover shoot by posing with her very own corpse groom. One very lucky corpse groom.

There’s your usual “Hate Mail” for the magazine, which is a fun column consisting of a dozen or so letters from people decrying the magazine as a promotional tool for necrophilia. That explains the Eli Roth article. Thanks, I’ll be here all week! In any sense, there’s a large article on Eli Roth and his latest movie as the star of the gory disaster film “Aftershock.” The interview explores Roth’s involvement with the film and the film industry, as well as his feelings on working on “Inglorious Basterds” as well as his potential for making a children’s film in the future.

There’s an interview with Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth that discusses his music and involvement with the occult and horror, There’s “Execution Bloopers and Blunders” a column collecting the most insane and humorous stories around failed executions, and an interview with amazing Death artist Laurie Lipton who talks with the magazine again about her life involving her art, and her knack for affecting people with her morbid Gothic pieces. There’s an article exploring the life of Dr. Kevorkian and how he spent his life dabbling in art and other artistic avenues when he wasn’t embroiled in controversy, there’s an interview with actress Kelly Paternity who is the star of the latest Fangoria series horror film “Inhuman Resources.”

There’s a hilarious interview with porn director Will Ryder who talks about his latest project “Not the Wizard of Oz XXX” with especially candid photos of the performers mid-shoot. The centerpiece, as mentioned above, is the photo shoot with the incredibly sexy Courtney Stodden, who doesn’t so much reveal herself as she “reveals” herself with her corpse groom Doug Graves. Fans of Stodden will love the spicy photos and Stodden gives as much skin as possible for anyone looking for money shots of the vixen. Sue me, I’m a fan. For anyone looking for a job involving dead bodies or death, there’s a list of the more interesting death oriented careers and what they can pay interested parties. Continuing the coverage of “Aftershock” is the interview with actress Andrea Osvari who explains her experience working on the gory disaster film set in Chile.

For folks still looking for more gorgeous T&A, there’s a hilarious photo spread with “Human Centipede” star Laurence Harvey who gets to pose with two busty wenches Dagmara Zielinski and Natalia Natkamec whom really give Harvey something to gawk while downing some beer. There’s a morbid interview with a professional Body Retriever for police who discusses his job, and some fine demented comics for folks looking for a sick giggle. Finally, there’s a short but sweet interview with porn star Sasha Pain, as well as the annual Amateur Corpse of the Month featuring excellent Corpse babes and their (hopefully) mock corpse partners. The horror rag for folks that appreciate a little rot with their sex is about as fun as ever.

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