Cheeky! (Trasgredire) (2000) [Blu-Ray]

Dear lord is Yuliya Mayarchuk a goddess. A being of sexual ferocity, she’s emanates sensual daring, and innocence that make her the perfect woman to head up this rather entertaining sex dramedy. Every director seems to have a fixation on some part of a woman’s body, particularly directors of erotica. Director Tinto Brass places great emphases on the woman’s behind, often preferring to show the woman’s cleverly framed rump beyond all else.

Most times, Carla’s introduction involves the wind blowing up her skirt revealing her bare bottom, one scene introduces a group of naked women with their bare butts in the air, and during a girl on girl sex scene in a vacant apartment, Director Brass films most of it from the view of Carla’s lover Moira’s rather plump behind that sticks in the air as she ravages Carla. “Cheeky!” is basically Carla’s struggles to stay faithful to her fiendishly jealous boyfriend Matteo, who spends most of the movie following her around and screaming at her to stay faithful. But with so much tail out there, Carla finds it incredibly difficult.

It’s not a stretch to see most people who are around Carla grab and grope at every turn, as she’s a very gorgeous and lovely woman who really will win viewers over with her inability to look homely, along with her taut body. Mayarchuk gives a very strong performance as this young goddess who is free with her body, but is having a hard time keeping it exclusive to the man she loves. Carla unfortunately grabs the affection of her building manager and her husband, both of whom fall head over heels in love with her, and are desperate to win her loyalty and run away with her.

Matteo’s sub-plot is primarily based around possessiveness, especially when he discovers pictures of her nude on a beach with a male caller. Matteo may have to just live with the fact that literally everyone wants to have some sexual encounter with Carla, and he’s unwilling to admit it to himself as her boyfriend. Carla sinks deeper in to the sexual world, as director Brass stages many excellent sex scenes, including an all girl orgy in a steam room, and Carla’s emotional sex scene with Moira, who is often aggressively entranced by Carla and her vulnerability. “Cheeky!” is an entertaining and light hearted erotic dramedy, and one that Yuliya Mayarchuk dominates from the moment she steps foot in front of the camera. It’s a very good erotic journey with some well staged sex sequences viewers will relish.

The Blu-Ray from Cult Epics features optional English subtitles, as well as optional English and Italian audio, for folks who can’t be bothered to read subtitles. There’s a newly restored High-Definition Transfer, as well as the featurette “Backstage with Tinto Brass.” As well, there’s a photo video gallery. Director Tinto Brass really does explore the sexual brilliance of actress Yuliya Mayarchuk, and as Carla, she keeps “Cheeky!” her film from beginning to end, even when becoming the victim of lesbian lust.

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