On Top (2012)

Whomever cast actress Nikki Estridge for the role of escort Adrianna is a genius. “On Top” is a short film that’s reliant on casting the perfect woman for the role of the insatiable and professional escort who is wholly unapologetic in what they do. Star Nikki Estridge is excellent in her performance as professional freelance escort Adrianna who strives in pleasing her clients and loves what she does.

She’s not filled with angst, she doesn’t long for a companion, and she certainly does not need the money to get by, but something within her revels in the thrill of pleasing men and living the high life. Though the premise for “On Top” isn’t entirely original, director Jason Baustin composes a wonderful short drama that centers on a force of sexual charisma that Nikki Estridge exudes like it’s just another day for her. She’s vivacious, enigmatic, and alluring and as Adrianna it’s not difficult to understand what men love her. “On Top” is the look in to the life of the escort and how they function, as well as Adrianna’s confrontation with a jilted ex-wife of one of Adrianna’s clients who seems intent on ruining her business.

With a slick sense of style, and a very pleasing final scene, Jason Baustin composes a short drama that I wish were at least ninety minutes longer, and could have really been a masterful feature film about a fascinating goddess who just enjoys the thrill of sexuality and what it offers her as an individual. Baustin never falters in offering a unique glimpse at a sexual practice and the person behind it who always manages to find a way to squirm her way back in to men’s sexual fantasies.
With an incredibly sexy and talented lead star, and a sharp eye for direction, “On Top” is a fantastic short character study about the ever alluring escort and how one woman in particular lives the life of the fantasy girl.