The "Holliston" Christmas Special

It’s free on Hulu and I don’t know a single person who has FEARNet. Just in case you were wondering why I watched this Christmas special in spite of the fact I’m not a humongous fan of the horror sitcom “Holliston.”

Now that that’s out of the way, in spite of my reservations with the series, “The Holliston Christmas Special” is a very solid and often entertaining affair. Granted, the humor is still somewhat hit or miss, but the hour long special that’s set during Christmas avoids all the pitfalls of the holiday special and works on its own track. Corrie and Laura are still really damn good looking, so much so it’s distracting, and they stop by Adam and Joe’s house to ring in the holidays with them. In spite of Adam’s refusal to celebrate since he’s Jewish, the girls inflict Christmas cheer on them with a Chinese dinner. When the lights go out all over Holliston the group has to huddle together to wait out the outage, and the cold.

And there’s also an escaped serial killer on the loose from the Framington Asylum, which threatens to ruin the mood, too. Don’t you hate when that happens? I can’t name many holiday specials that feature a serial killer as a plot device, but lo and behold, “Holliston” uses it and does a good job overall. I’m still not sure if the laugh track is meant to be ironic or if the audience is easily amused, and I still don’t care about the love plot between Corrie and Adam, but “Holliston” celebrates the holiday with a lot of raucous and original gags that avoid the sitcom doldrums.

I enjoyed the breaking of the convenient radio broadcast device often seen on television, as most of the time whenever one of the foursome attempted to check the weather on the radio, they’d missed it. And I liked the cameo from Derek Mears as the odd Officer Duffy, and many fans will love the appearance by Bill Moseley as Crazy Max, the television salesman. Much of the episode involves the gang bouncing odd dialogue and sequences off each other as they think back to when they all first met. The flashbacks are all weird and really try for laughs, and while they’re not hysterical, they’re still pretty damn amusing all things considered. Joe and Adam’s story is odd but kept me smiling, and the introduction of Laura to the group is the best scene of the show. She knows what she’s working with, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it. I envy the man she’s with. Much of “Holliston” is typically meta, and it works for the most part.

The advertisements between dialogue, the attention to the lack of story and flashbacks, the various tones added to the flashbacks, the climactic chase down with a gift stifled by Adam’s insistence on buying a large heavy present, and the stare down between Adam and Joe that goes on way too long when they both want to tell the story of how they met their boss at the television station. It’s entertaining, and “Holliston” seems to be finding its footing as a series that offers something new. This is well worth the watch if you have an hour to kill. Green still can’t act for beans, but hey, he provides his fan base with a solid Christmas treat, so I forgave the dude. “Holliston” just might be growing on me like the annoying hot chick at a party.

“Holliston” can be seen on FEARNet. Check Local Listings.