Swelter (2012)

SwelterOne of the most interesting aspects of “Swelter” is that even though the film is basically animated and without dialogue, you can sense the character’s struggles and efforts to survive. There’s not a lot of extrapolation on why the world is suddenly a sweltering wasteland at record hot temperatures, but that doesn’t need a lot of focus. We meet a father and a son in the middle of a deserted tundra who seek the remains of a well where they’re able to sap water that’s fit for at least half a day.

Though we’re given no actual origin behind the sweltering heat plaguing the land, we do finally see what’s menacing the father and son and sure enough the short becomes a battle for precious resources, however small they may be. Much of “Swelter” is based around what’s most important at the end of civilization and both characters have their own set of priorities in the face of this alien menace attempting to grab their water from them.

The father is more interested in saving his son, but the son’s willingness to keep the water inspires courage allowing him to stand up to the alien. In the midst of taking his water back, he’s accidentally discovered a way to stop the alien rulers once and for all and the day has been won. And quite possibly, it may spell the beginning of the end of the alien rulers because of a child. Short, sweet, to the point, and about the apocalypse. Just how I likes it. “Swelter” is a well animated and sweet little adventure thriller about a boy’s courage and the clinging to life against an alien menace. It’s worth looking for.