Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)

If you’re a hardcore Full Moon Entertainment fan and really follow their films by the tee, then you’ll love “The Haunt.” Basically it’s a self-aware meta-sequel to their cult classic “The Killer Eye.” This time though the movie is simply just a movie in this reality and in this world we set down on, Full Moon is just a company that treads out horror movies. We visit with a group of hormonally unbalanced lesbian best friends who spend their time dancing, and flirting with one another all the while preparing for a big Halloween exhibit one of the girls’ mother is throwing. Of course they spend the night drinking and unpacking the props for the Halloween house which are obviously nothing but Full Moon props.

Look closely and you can catch props for “Gingerdead Man,” “Killjoy,” “Demonic Toys,” and yes even “The Killer Eye.” In this reality the props freak the women out and they’re all beloved tools to scare children. Among the props they find the original movie and this gives the director an excuse to suck up time by including clips from “The Killer Eye” and along the way, the mystical orb that’s owned by the resident of the house does… something that allows it to revive the killer eye prop. It’s never explained why the prop exactly comes to life or why these women need to die. Their worst crime is spouting bad jeers and jokes in an attempt to mock the original “The Killer Eye” a la MST3K but that’s about it.

And sure “The Killer Eye” is a cheap softcore porn film masquerading as horror scifi, but that’s no reason to murder anyone. Nonetheless, it’s indicated that the orb belongs to the mother of the one of the girls, but why the mom would kill her daughter for merely having a few drinks and cavorting with lesbians is a bit extreme. And there’s no real awe in the ability to take a prop and turn it in to a breathing animated object that has he ability to possess and murder individuals. The rest of the film is devoted to the killer eye chasing around these scantily clad women and knocking them off one by one as the props watch on somewhat conscious of what’s happening to these girls. Without closing credits the film is a minute over an hour long.

Without the clips, it’s about fifty minutes long, and sans the cheap padding that includes nudity and exposition it’s only about forty minutes of story and that’s barely worth the time it takes to sit through this. I’ve seen so much worse from Full Moon before, but in the case of “The Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt” I wish they’d try a little harder to deliver a story with actual scares surrounding it instead of patting themselves on the back with references to their past titles. Save for the gorgeous women starring, “Halloween Haunt” is a typical cash grab/penny saver for Full Moon. No more, no less. Another attempt to cut corners, “The Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt” is only an hour long filled with padding, cheap nudity, and bad acting and won’t garner any new audiences, but for a one and done time killer it’s at least worth a look.