Superman Classic (2011)

supermanclassicIt seems like every single year there is always someone paying tribute to Superman. Last year a slew of animators created an amazing life-like model of Christopher Reeve as Superman taking off in to the sky. This year we have “Superman Classic,” a 2011 treat that’s all too brief, but goes down so well nonetheless. In lieu of the upcoming reboot from Zack Snyder, I think this is an apt variation that presents what could be and not what should be, as most fan boys are prone to insisting upon with their fan films.

Disney animator Robb Pratt known for his work on Tarzan and Hercules respectively pays homage to Superman of the classic era by depicting the Superman universe in the vein of the Fleischer brothers.  Played by John Newton (who starred as Superboy in the 1980’s series), the premise for “Superman Classic” is simple. Superman and Lois Lane (as played by wife Jennifer Newton) are bickering about an assignment and before they realize it, Metropolis is being attacked by a giant bipedal Robbot who begins shooting lasers and stomping on everything in sight. I even loved the added touch of the Robbot stomping on the phone booth as Clark is in it changing in to Superman.

Of course, he survives and is able to stop the Robbot from stomping on a mom and her son and flexes what the classic Superman one two punch, engaging in a battle with the monstrous Robbot before tossing him off in to the sky. But then as Superman turns… there come a massive legion of flying Robbots with equal the strength swarming in Metropolis. Is a Superman’s work ever done? Utilizing traditional hand drawn animation for Superman with CGI landscapes, Robb Pratt puts together one hell of a marvelous Superman short with pals John and Jennifer Newton.

Now if only it could have been longer. The short is now available online for viewing. I’d really like to see “Superman Classic” as an animated movie before the reboot makes its way to theaters, because like any other fan base, we Superman buffs like to have options. And you can never have too much Superman. Pratt pays tribute to Classic Superman with a beautifully animated action short and it’s one you should check out if you fancy yourself a Super buff like yours truly.