One Love (2009)

6262I’ve had this title in the pile of movies we’re supposed to review for almost a year now and we finally decided to review it after being contacted by the producer, and we’re glad we did. “One Love” is, to put it quite simply: incredible. Based around the themes of loss and tragedy, director DJ Matrundola composes a truly compelling and horribly heartbreaking short film around vignettes involving parents to be.

As is life, most times parenting involves much heartbreak and Matrundola spares no one as he centers in one a woman in a bar who has just began to give birth, expectant parents in an emergency room, an optimistic couple on the brink of the birth of their first newborn and an adoptive couple anxiously awaiting the news on their child.  What follows is a variety of situations that will either make or break the bonds of these people and truly explores how unfair life can truly be. There is not a single misstep in this film and in spite of only focusing on these people for about two or three minutes at a time, Matrundola and the writers suck us in upon the first second and we just can’t help but watch and hope for the best.

Despite being a low budget film every set piece of this production looks incredibly genuine and the performances are so phenomenal it absolutely tears at your heart when they can do nothing but face hardships over something as simple as wanting to be happy in their lives. Matrundola thankfully doesn’t cop out and provide us with happy endings. Instead every single finisher to the sub-plots are left with wide open question marks and ambiguity that simply lets us wonder if these people will forever be doomed to sadness or may just miraculously be cut a break for once. And nothing in this is far-fetched.

Incidents like the ones we see here happen every single day to good people and all we can ever do is wait and hope for the best. Normally films of this nature simply don’t appeal to me but I could have sat through this if it were fourteen minutes or three hours. Everyone should simply be applauded for their efforts here and I couldn’t believe they managed to bring me to the brink of tears in little under twenty minutes. I regret sitting on this film so long because it really does deserve every bit of attention it receives and will eventually receive. There’s not a single chink in the armor and it’s truly a story worthy of a feature length version. I’d scoop it up in a heartbeat.