The Final Destination (2009)

Yes, make no denial about it, this is yet another sequel to the franchise that’s been nothing but mediocre and has covered that fact by splashing the screen with blood. Of course it’s pretty clear by now that “The Final Destination” (the fourth in the series) is not even meant to be considered a serious horror movie but instead a carnival ride that allows for gruesome death after gruesome death on screen all for kids who once again have out witted death accidentally and are now paying the price in spades. Yes Death is an evil motherfucker and yet again teenagers fall by excruciating death after excruciating death. In 3D!

This time around the director David R. Ellis and producers don’t just want audiences to sit and watch grizzly blood soaked deaths on screen. Now we get a full on interactive experience and almost feel what it’s like to be mutilated beyond recognition. Characters? Who cares? Plot? Definitely nowhere to be found. This is Death’s show, an amusement ride, and the thrill now is not how death will strike but what sadistic punishment will he inflict on one of the survivors in a group of young people who happened to dodge destiny one day at a local professional race. After suffering painful deaths due to a vicious car crash that takes the lives of many audience members, hero Nick experiences the vision and of course completely dodges death’s cold hands.

I’m more than aware that this movie is not about deep profound characterization or morals, but I’d love to find out why there’s an enlisted psychic on every single movie who manages to outwit destiny. Is there a breed of these people who can sense death? Is it a special skill developed by birth? Is there a whole gang out there figuring ways dodge death? And how come we never learn who is giving these powers of perception to these poor bastards who have the gift of sensing these events? Is there a being out there who is helping chosen individuals? Without any type of explanation the movie just seems extra hollow thus excessively lazy in its storytelling. Worst of all much of the violence feels restrained, especially when you consider the lengths the first three films rose to to garner such a reputation.

While the deaths are vicious and the tension gripping, the splatter factor is almost nowhere to be found in most of the deaths and Ellis on rare occasions opts to repeat the deaths from previous films and implement them. When he’s not stealing the actual deaths are just blase and every coincidence and twist are uninspired and tired. When all is said and finally done, it’s just apparent that the brains behind “Final Destination” have finally run the well dry. It’s clear that the “Final Destination” movies are only around to bask in the cold grip of death and vicious punishment by the Grim Reaper but that doesn’t excuse the uninspired storytelling, redundant death scenes and splatter that’s almost nowhere to be found. You figure the alleged final destination would have more to offer audiences.