Treevenge (2009)

223544614_640Well if zombies or robots weren’t the harbingers of the apocalypse then it seems only natural that we’d be invaded by pissed off Christmas trees tired of being decorated, pushed around, and inevitably shredded. Jason Eisener, the director of the faux movie trailer “Hobo with a Shotgun,” returns giving us more of a reason to like what he’s doing and what he’s intending to do with the independent film scene. Not only does the man’s style get sleeker and more stylish with every output, but he also knows how to push all the right buttons with clever fare like “Hobo” down to ridiculous material called “Treevenge.”

What’s it about you ask? At a brisk sixteen minutes, Eiseners follow up is an unabashed celebration of gore and grue set to the rhythm of Christmas Eve with a dash of that good old fashioned grindhouse motif that I’ve come to love more and more thanks to Mr. Eisener. “Treevenge” is an all out assault on the Christmas season with our perspective aimed more toward the innocent pine trees used for the holidays and how they must feel being torn down and stomped on. Communicating in their own language they decide enough is enough and this give Eisener the perfect chance to break all taboos and give us a truly gross and disturbing story that provides some of the weirdest and most creative on screen deaths I’ve seen. This includes tree limbs corrupting all parts of the human body and the real money shot: A baby getting its skull smashed in.

Now before you gasp you must keep an open mind which is what I did and I was not dissatisfied. Eisener has his own style of filmmaking that revives the premises we may have seen in the seventies what with the rush of holiday horror we witnessed and he does so without the use of a masked slasher instead taking inanimate objects and giving them a soul and reason to be pissed off on the popular holiday. From its wonky editing to the over the top performances, “Treevenge” is a short worth seeking out because it’s just so damn fun. Because of “Treevenge” I plan to keep an eye out for more of Jason Eisener’s shorts. This second attempt at faux grindhouse is not a formula for disappointment as the director and co. pull out all the stops for an disturbing and weird little ditty that asks “won’t somebody please think of the trees?”