Jurassic Fight Club

Aw man, where’s Human Weapon? Why isn’t it on History Channel anymore? I was still waiting for the episode when the guys go to a Woman’s self defense class and scratch some dude’s eyes out. Oh well, for folks still waiting for it to come back some day, there’s the next best thing: Dinosaurs fighting! Now I know, many of you guys are pumping your fists at the thought but there’s a lot more to “Jurassic Fight Club”! There’s explorations in to the defenses of animals like the T-Rex and Raptor, there’s the different methods of execution to which these dinosaurs were capable of, and of course the inevitable question: How did dinosaurs form a fight club?

“Jurassic Fight Club” is focused on the Jurassic period where some of the most carnivorous predators ever reigned and the History Channel provides some awfully interesting infotainment with some of the most fascinating examples of animal instincts and territorial war deduced to have been a common practice in prehistory. Breaking down the evolution of the world and the continents, scientists and epistemologists dissect the fossils of the beasts of the past who roamed the terrain of Madagascar fighting for food and land while tearing each other to pieces in the process.

The first episode centers around the habits of the Majungatholus, the presumed early ancestor to the Ram that butted heads with rivals, wore its horns with the purposes of display and attracting mates, and the struggles for domination it had with younger males of its kind. With some awfully startling research and technology the scientists behind the scenes try to uncover the possible scenario of a Majungatholus eating one of its own and it’s a really good time spent on a consistently fascinating subject: Dinosaurs.


Premiering on the History Channel July 29th. Check Local Listings for airing times.