Hatchet (2006)

How many slashers movies have there been in the last few years that were worth a damn? Beyond “Leslie Vernon,” I can’t think of a single great slasher film that has made this slasher freak drool with sheer glee. “Hatchet” comes close to inspiring some foaming at the mouth, and I’m glad. As a horror nut that basically scours horror sites far and wide, I’ve heard about “Hatchet” almost non-stop. And thankfully, it’s lived up to its hype somewhat. “Hatchet” is a slasher comedy that really does admirably aspire to become a classic, and it succeeds in garner the horror comedy status from minute one. Not only is it a damn good and gory little slasher flick with a mean bastard of an axe killer, but it’s also pretty sharp and funny.

It’s rare I can watch a movie like this and manage to involve myself in the murders while laughing, and Green accomplishes this mostly impossible task horror directors can never topple. That’s thanks to the great script that inspires many memorable one-liners, and deadpan delivery from most of the cast, and Green injects a sense of dark comedy perfectly with the tense horror atmosphere, and mounting dread that Victor Crowley will tears these hapless tourists limb from limb. “Hatchet” definitely has a novelty to it that makes it one of the many fun tourist slaughter slasher flicks that’s actually worth its weight in gold. From the sharp photography, to the great direction from Green, and the usual cameos from horror legends, “Hatchet” is a consistently above par slasher film from the start.

Hoping to get over his girlfriend Ben goes to Mardi Gras with his college buddies, and signs on for a Swamp tour, which then results in the crashing of their tour boat thanks to their inept tour guide. They’re marooned on shore, and soon the body count begins to rise. And alligators are suddenly far from their concern. Green doesn’t just pepper the film with cameos and hopes to gauge our love for these actors to compensate for its shortcomings, but instead relies on his actual cast to keep the plot moving at a quick pacing, plus it’s not often I see a slasher with no annoying characters. Folks like Mercedes McNab, Deon Richmond, and Parry Shen will assure a hearty laugh of two along with an otherwise strong variety of B actors who present us with the usual clichés of the genre, while entertaining us all the same.

“Hatchet” is very much like the usual slashers. It pays homage to the past films, and invents its own devices, all the while providing us with a unique taste of the slasher sub-genre. Green’s self-aware comedy works quite well, and builds up to a gory mess that I quite enjoyed. It may not be the second coming of the slasher flick, but it works. Adam Green’s slasher comedy is an over the top, bloody, and hilarious little horror entry. While it’s sloppy in some respects, it’s guaranteed to entertain with a good script, good performances, and reputation that it almost lives up. I look forward to what Adam Green does next.