Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower

In the end, “Desperate Crossing” is still a rather glossy depiction of the pilgrims on the mayflower depicting them as rebels and immigrants. Regardless it tries to cut through all the junk and chronicle the realism of their journey and their desperation to move to a land where they could worship freely. However, we never explore how this culture may have dominated the primitive Native American culture, nor does it really take the accounts warts and all.

Based on the firsthand accounts of William Bradford, “Desperate Crossing” is basically a story of how this group of pilgrims whom were in turn immigrants, fled their homeland that forbade them to marry, worship as they pleased, and think for themselves. In its roots, “Desperate Crossing” is a well put together and well acted piece of historical document that turns the conflicts and trials of these people into an actually entertaining drama that ends up becoming more compelling than most television movies out there; hell, there’s even a well choreographed fencing sequence.

The tribulations experienced from the monarchy seeking to seize these people and lock them up for treason and anarchy when really they sought out only to think for themselves. “Desperate Crossing” is an unflinching and rather entertaining exploration into the value of rights both religiously and politically, and how these people sought out to live how they pleased, even if they did interrupt the civilization of the native Americans.


Premiering November 19th on the History Channel. Check Local Listings.